Mediplex And Post Road West

Today, “06880” turns its gaze on a small stretch of land near King’s Highway Elementary School.

Owners of the facility everyone calls Mediplex — officially (and generically) the Westport Health Care Center — want to demolish 2 homes on Lincoln Street, and replace them with a 26-car parking lot.

The houses are something rare in Westport: apartments.

Some neighbors are opposed. They worry about lighting, dumpsters, plowing — and the look of the neighborhood.

They also note that when Mediplex was built — and for much of its existence –owners said that as an assisted living facility, they didn’t need much parking.

The houses are in an area deemed residential, but near a commercial zone. Mediplex would like the zoning changed.

Uh oh.

Westport Health Care Center’s Burr Road entrance. The parking lot would be behind it, on Lincoln Street.

8 responses to “Mediplex And Post Road West

  1. Nick Thiemann

    Mediplex opens out onto buses and parent pickup/dropoff for Kings Highway and is about 50 feet from two preschool pickups. Mediplex staff arrives at the same time. The traffic is horrendous. Parking on Lincoln makes it safer.
    The triangle from Rte33/Rte1 to the Elementary schools, is not really a residential area although it is predominantly zoned as such. Making Lincoln multifamily is a better than fighting to maintain the status quo.

  2. Y not make it better

    Doesn’t the Town need to maintain and increase its’ stock of affordable in house apartments? Shouldn’t we be keeping the rental units rather than turning them into a parking lot?

  3. It’s a sad day if a town give’s the ‘Okay’ to demolish 2 homes in order to put in a parking lot. Uprooting multiple families, and disturbing the surrounding community in the name of a slab of pavement is just unacceptable. I hope the town, and Lincoln Street, fights this adamantly.

  4. Kate Davis

    Tear down to enable “Actual Harm to our Elderly?”

    Much Below Average
    Based on Health Inspections as of 02/26/12

    RED MEANS: Actual Harm and/or Immediate Jeopardy: Score = G,H,I,J,K,L

  5. Daryl Holbrook

    Really ?? Lincoln St has more parking..when was the last time u lived on Lincoln St?…Where around or aware of CL&P living on lincoln st. for 2 yrs..when noone did anything to help this beautifully maintained historical RESIDENTIAL street? Thx Dan for helping us in trying to maintain what is rifht and fair!

  6. What's My Line?

    In February, 2012, Westport Health Care Center informed representatives of District 1199, the union representing its locked out workers, that it was considering filing an application with state officials to close the facility. At that time, a company spokesman said that the health care center was dealing with the effects of a massive cut in Medicare reimbursement. It asked its workers to reduce their workday and give up a paid lunch period to help reduce their expenses. Now, Westport Health Care Center is going to provide additional parking to its workers? I think not. Sounds like the site might be a more viable commercial property with an additional parking lot. Ouch!

  7. Here we go again....

    living in the neighborhood I can say it is a shame that Lincoln Street faces getting shafted once again. The reality is we are one of the last existing diverse neighborhoods this town has tto offer.What we really could use in this town is more multifamily but instead we want to tear them down….really.