Memorial Day 2012: Westport On Parade

Happy Memorial Day!
Who doesn’t love a parade?

The start of the parade.

Al’s Angels — one of the many civic organizations to march (or ride).

The Y’s Men’s float was, as usual, spectacular. This one honored Korean War veterans — complete with freezing mist.

Middle school musicians keep the beat.

Buck Iannacone (left), this year’s grand marshal, poses with his son and granddaughter. Buck’s great-grandchild was born 10 days ago.

CLASP celebrated 30 years of service to people with disabilities.

Staples junior Tyler Jent sings “America the Beautiful,” framed by the doughboy statue and flag at half-staff.

The next generation celebrates past ones.

4 responses to “Memorial Day 2012: Westport On Parade

  1. VETDOC@Compo

    Thanks Dan!

    How lovely.

  2. Babette d'Yveine

    I never miss the parade or the ceremonies afterwards. I find it very moving and what a small town is really like.

  3. I thought this might bring back memories of the many parades I marched in and watched from my front porch. But, I was so surprised to see that the second picture is of the very house I grew up in! Thanks, Don!

  4. patricia driscoll

    OOPS! That’s Dan not Don. Sorry about that.