Memorial Day To-Do List

Things to do tomorrow:

  1. Go to Memorial Day parade.
  2. Watch veterans, cops, bugle corps, kids/grandkids/random kids march; cheer for all.
  3. Gather entire family. Go to Veteran’s Green opposite Town Hall; find grassy spot.
  4. Turn off cell phone. Listen to speeches.
  5. Really, really listen to speeches.
  6. Find a veteran. Thank him or her.
  7. Go home. Enjoy the rest of the day.
  8. Oh, yeah. Pause from time to time to reflect.

7 responses to “Memorial Day To-Do List

  1. Susan Walton Wynkoop

    After REALLY listening to the speeches, come by the Westport Historical Society for free Lemonade and popcorn and look at the newly hung exhibit The Sound and The Saugatuck.

  2. Lisa Marie Alter

    Great coverage on this Memorial Day weekend, Dan, especially the focus on our hometown heroes.

    And your suggestion to thank a Veteran is an excellent one. BTW, when ya do, I find they’re all humble and act like it was “no big deal.” [And, I always get choked up, cuz I’d be scared out of my wits to hafta do what they did !]

    But it really means a lot to them to hear the “thank you.” And, it’s the VERY least we can do on Memorial Day, and every day.

    So, until I see you all at the parade tomorrow:
    Thank you, brave Veterans and Servicemen & Women, for protecting our country and our freedom.

  3. VETDOC@Compo

    “For those who have fought for it, Life has a flavor the protected will never know.”

    “You Dinki Dao”

    May god bless all those that have or are serving.

    Thank you for your service to our great country.

    You are in our thoughts not on just this one day!


  4. Dan, nobody can say it better then you. While enjoying the day let us all say THANK YOU to those who made it all possible. I will be up front in the parade with the R.T.M. … try to say hello.

  5. Perfect, Dan.

  6. Bravo, Dan. Well said!

  7. Linda Gramatky Smith

    And I’m going to check out the plaque for the Vietnam Vets on the town green as well, the one you told us about this week. Dan. Great suggestions. See you there!