323: It’s All True

Bogey’s — vacant since Hurricane Irene last August — will reopen soon.

A sign on the new restaurant — named 323, for its location at 323 Main Street — promises “It’s All True.” I have no idea what that means, but it sounds intriguing.

323 will extend the dining options on the non-chain-store end of Main Street. A new wine bar opened recently next to Sally’s Place, and Joe’s Pizza will relocate there soon.

Count one more area of downtown is livening up.

Would I lie?

5 responses to “323: It’s All True

  1. Babette d'Yveine

    I hope they’re as good as Bogey’s They had the best ribs and burgers in Connecticut.

    Do you have any idea when they’re opening?

  2. Their website, the entirety of the content, is “323 Spring 2012” So they are opening in the next four weeks. Right?

  3. mary ruggiero

    Having a neighborhood place here is great. It was the only spot open late at night – you could stop in for a snack and or a drink up until about 10PM – I hope it still all true!