Blake, Ryan, Suzanne, Martha, Paul And Oscar

Suzanne Sherman Propp — no slouch in the talent department herself — was in Oscar’s yesterday afternoon.

Sitting a few feet away were Ryan Reynolds and his Gossip Girl, Blake Lively. Bedford, New York — where they just moved — may have Martha Stewart, but it lacks a good deli.

“Thank you, Paul Newman, for training us Westporters to be calm, cool and collected during celebrity sightings,” Suzanne says.

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds (not at Oscar’s, and not at the Oscars).

10 responses to “Blake, Ryan, Suzanne, Martha, Paul And Oscar

  1. Who are they? Actually, have never heard of them.

    • Nor had I. They’re all over Google, though. She’s in “Gossip Girl” (whatever that is). I’m a full-service blog. Glad I can write as if I know what I’m talking about, even if I don’t.

      • I haven’t heard of them either, although Gossip Girls kind of rings a bell.

  2. Dan: My 15 yr old, ever knowledgeable heard this from her son yesterday and was very excited. I went into Oscars today and asked someone if they say anyone ‘famous’ yesterday and they said, ‘no’. Then a customer jokingly said I was spreading rumours! ha. I feel vindicated now. thanks! Also, the Oscar’s guy said that Martha Stewart was in last week (wed) as well.

    • Your 15-year-old has a son?

      • Longtime Westporter

        I caught that too, Dan! We start `em young in Westport, especially if the 15 year old daughter already has a son who can talk and share gossip. LOL.

  3. A commuter, who loves westport.

    Good for you Suzanne. I would not have recognized her, even if I fell over her.

  4. Harvey Levin

    Really, you people need to watch some TMZ!

  5. You have to be kidding me. Van Wilder. Say no more.

  6. Kerstin Warner

    In my book, the real celebrity sighting was Suzanne! Three cheers for our lovely local lyricist!