It Won’t Win Any Oscars, But…

..for a great, wide window into Staples and Westport life in 1972, this YouTube video gets our vote.

Does this make you nostalgic for back-in-the-day? Are you glad you grew up then — or are you glad you’re growing up now? Click “comments” for thoughts as random as this video.

16 responses to “It Won’t Win Any Oscars, But…

  1. What fun!!! Took me back to Ann Arbor in 1972. And I am glad I grew up when I did. Thanks, Dan.

  2. Six years after I graduated and everything had changed, except for the buildings and the timeless zaniness. Thanks, Dan.

  3. Don Willmott

    I guess the thing to say is “Groovy!”

  4. Great Post! Clearly this was made BEFORE we had to worry about deer ticks …

  5. Keep the Change

    Oh what went on in the woods at the old Nike site , students and teachers alike….. It was a different time indeed Would not trade it for anything..
    Was that David Eyes (sp.)

  6. I’m SO glad I grew up then. This really takes me back. So many familiar faces in this video. Was that Tad Shull playing flute at the beginning?

  7. Love the post – it was a little before my time, but smack in the middle of my older siblings…and haha, not fer nothin’, but Dark Shadows, cult TV show, now just released movie with Johnny Depp…revives the 18th century vampire back in his hometown Maine manor in modern times…well, when? yes, he wakes up in the very same year, 1972. The music/context is a hoot.

  8. I left there in 1966 – we didn’t get high on campus yet – just smoked cigarettes!

  9. jim wheeler

    Ah…I remember the blacktop high jinx and into the woods…etc., etc.

  10. This classic flick opens with Tad Shull playing the flute. People I recognize include Dave Eyes, Richard Klein, and bearded Steve Miles with the soup bowl… please add your recognitions to the list!

  11. eric bosch

    Bill klarmen was in there too. One of the best of the class of ’73 who’ s passed on. A wonderful time machine indeed! Thx Dan

  12. Creeper (Dave Maurer)

    Recognized Michelle McNamee… red hair, freckles. Of course, Tad Shull, Davis Eyes. Also, Debbie Roshkind, Kim Dorsey; was that Jeff Giannone in the woods?

  13. I was there then πŸ™‚ That looks like David Eyes toking a doobie πŸ™‚ We sure were lucky to grow up then. What other highschool got The Doors, Cream, The Yardbirds, Livingstone Taylor, and J Geils to play concerts ? πŸ™‚

  14. Also appearing: Liz Milwe, Barbara Sullivan, Roger Lebert, what a hoot!

  15. Filmed almost exactly forty years ago, ouch!

  16. Ouch is right David……such wonderful memories….I cherish them. Hope to see some of these people at our reunion in August!!!! We had the best High School Years!!!!!!!!!