This Is Better Than The Kentucky Derby

Terrain — the new garden/home/gift/organic cafe store on the site of the old Curran Cadillac on the Post Road — has sent out invitations to a preview party this Thursday evening.

The opening is set for the next day — Friday, May 11.

For the past couple of weeks, Westporters have watched non-stop, feverish construction.

Can Terrain do it? Will they open on time?

The race is on!

21 responses to “This Is Better Than The Kentucky Derby

  1. Lamplight JD


    Are you kidding me?
    Just about anything is better then the Kentucky Derby.
    That thing is the most over hyped two minutes of nonsense I have ever witnessed.
    Are these people kidding? Yes, I know it’s the tradition and history which adds to it’s charm. But, so very silly.

    Hearing that C, L &P was headed down my block to remove more trees would be more exciting then the Derby.

    Let’s put Terrain in with good comparisons that it deserves!

    • Well, I was looking for a good (and recent) “racing” analogy.

      Failing that, how about “This is better than the Olympics, World Cup, Super Bowl, Oscars and a Justin Bieber concert, all rolled into one”?

  2. LOL, don’t mean to put words in The Professor’s mouth, but I understood this to be an analogy, as in a race to the finish vs. a comparison to last weekend’s fancy hat and mint julep festivities. Smith and Hawken didn’t last very long in town, but I look forward checking out Terrain after the Grand Opening and wish them success.

  3. Babette d'Yveine

    What will they have that’s different from all the garden centers, hardware stores, decorating emporiums and Home Depot? Or will it be more overpriced junk?

  4. Way overpriced !!! Maybe people from the overpriced salon across the street next to Dunkin Donuts will shop there with their new hair!

  5. For whatever it’s worth, your blogging about this store just got me to place a $799 order with them. I had never heard of this store before.

  6. Elisabeth Rose

    I hope at least SOME of the stuff they sell is made here in the U.S. I went to the place that opened in the old town hall, and -apart from the fact that it was a big disappointment after all the hype (more of the same, and no personality), the stuff was almost ALL made in China, except for the jewelery, couches and one or two other things. I’m getting tired of the fact that there are millions of people out of work and yet you don’t see these places selling almost anything made here… (And there ARE great garden items made here…Just go to any crafts fair!)

    • I’ll 2nd That.

    • I see from Terrain’s Website that it sells terrariums made from Simon Pearce glass. If you have ever been to Vermont to see it made firsthand, you will understand and be glad that they cost so much. It is quite an art, indeed.

  7. Also, I think that they are owned by the same people who own Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters & Free People AND that guy gave $$$ to Rick Santorium, has said he is anti Gay and Anti Choice! I prefer to shop other places.

  8. Go OBAMA!