Just A Minute(man)

The Minuteman — a Compo Beach icon since 1910 — looks as watchful as ever, as work proceeds on a new fence at his base.

(Photo/Tom Feeley)

For over 100 years, Westporters (not all of them teenagers) have decorated the Minuteman with scarves, Christmas caps, baseball hats, flowers and, let’s just say, a second “gun.”

He’s seen it all.

We’re betting his new fence — replacing the old, rusted one — will not deter a new generation of Westporters, as they too get “up close and personal” with our favorite statue.

10 responses to “Just A Minute(man)

  1. Beach Baby

    But Dan, he’s holding a RIFLE… just ask the Veteran ! 😉

    Love the Minuteman… Thank you for your Service.

    • Technically, it may not be a rifle, but it is a musket. The musket could be smooth-bore (no rifling, or grooves inside the barrel), which was standard issue for the military at the time. Locals may have owned long-rifles for hunting, but not everyone did.

  2. Picture a naked soldier standing outside the barracks screaming:

    Guess ya hadda be there. But he never called it a “gun” again.

  3. Oh gee, how much is this project gonna cost us?? And why three men to do the job of one??

    • That’s the trendy thing to say isn’t it?

    • Perhaps you should ask the Orange Fence Company. I’m sure they would value your expertise in construction.

  4. The new fence is Ugly!

    It is a cheap looking sheet metal fence and was probably purchased at Home Depot or Lowes.

    A new wrought iron fence would have been much more appropriate for such an elegant statue.

    Or…………..the could have left the old fence there. It at least had character!

  5. http://www.westportnow.com/index.php?/v2_5/comments/38112/

    Good Job there Stew!


    Could you at least take the ugly orange tags off the new fence?

  6. Yo Wrecker,
    You nailed it ! Good eye. Stew showed his class (or lack of). Duh.
    It’s one of our best statues and deserves better. The WN comments on the follow up confirm your initial opinion. One might hope more thought would be given before a decision and funds were spent. Duh again.