The Amazing Wy-Master: The Sequel

Last fall, “06880” reported on Wyatt Davis. “The Wy-master” — as he calls himself — has cerebral palsy. He speaks only through a computer — but that doesn’t stop him from hosting a weekly show on Staples radio station WWPT- FM.

Each show has a special theme. Wyatt picks it, and the music — and introduces every song.

Today WSHU — the NPR station based at Sacred Heart University — took note of Wyatt’s accomplishments. Listening to it (click here) might be the best 4 minutes you’ll spend today.

And then — from 12:30-1:30 this afternoon (Tuesday, May 1) — click here to tune in to 90.3 FM, and hear the Wy-master live.

Wyatt Davis, at the WWPT-FM controls.

One response to “The Amazing Wy-Master: The Sequel

  1. I heard the broadcast yesterday (leaving Staples, after dropping my freshman son)- I turned around and gazed at the building with pride!
    Another example of the fantasticness of SHS!