Ethan And Billy Joel Go Viral

Ethan is a 6-year-old kindergartner in the Westport Public Schools.

He’s on the autism spectrum, as a very high functioning child.

He’s also a very talented musician. After hearing a song 2 or 3 times — pop, classical, whatever — he plays it perfectly on the piano. It’s a full mind and body experience for him — he’s totally into each piece.

Recently, his mother Allison — who, with her husband Michael, is the top fundraiser in Fairfield and Westchester Counties for Autism Speaks — filmed a video of Ethan playing piano, and singing, “Piano Man.”

Ethan’s speech teacher, Shari Goldstein, uploaded it to YouTube. Shari’s friend saw it and sent it along to Reddit. They put it on their “Featured Videos” page.

In less than 2 days, it’s gotten over 55,000 views. Over 300 people have posted great comments.

Ethan loves audiences as much as he loves music. Last year he performed in front of a huge crowd at an Autism Speaks benefit.

But that was nothing compared to this.

Today, Ethan has an international audience.

And it grows every minute.

(To make a pledge toWalk Now for Autism Speaks on Ethan’s behalf, click here.)

9 responses to “Ethan And Billy Joel Go Viral

  1. Ilene Mirkine

    What a talented musician! ‘Wondering what Billy Joel would say? (has anyone sent this to him?)

  2. That is so cool!

  3. So moved …

  4. Kim Crowther Manning

    What a wonderful way to start my day. Ethan has many more videos on YouTube and I just watched a number of them. Truly inspiring. Thank you, Dan! And thank you, Ethan!!

  5. So talented.

  6. It is for these bright children with Autism that Inclusion Teaming came into existence! There are so many youth similar to Ethan whose skills and talents are yet unknown to them, and we can help! Bravo Ethan!!!

  7. Evolve Media

    Very moving and I love Billy Joel!

  8. What a amazing little boy! So talented! Great story. Thank you for sharing!