Purple Feet, Nice Nails

Alert “06880” reader Terry Brannigan spotted this on the door of the old Purple Feet, next to Barnes & Noble. (The wine store has relocated to Playhouse Square.)

Fantastic news!

I keep saying, the one thing Westport lacks is one more nail spa.

Take that, Fairfield!

6 responses to “Purple Feet, Nice Nails

  1. Mani pedi please

    Azena is only moving around the corner in the very same shopping plaza. It’s been in Westport for years.

  2. Thanks. I am obviously nail spa-impaired.

  3. Elisabeth Rose

    I think an entertaining look at the towns around here, either comparing one to the other or perhaps comparing Westport to other towns in the northeast, would be to see how many spas, nail and waxing places, hair places, dermabrasion and skin care centers, gyms and exercise places, massage clinics and also banks, speciality food stores and psychologists, psychiatrists and therapists are listed in the phone book. Of course the populations would have to match up more or less to do a correct comparison, but it would be interesting. Hmmm…

  4. one thing I have wondered about as I drive down the post road…..does Westport have more banks or more nail spas ???

  5. mary ruggiero

    I think the banks win – hand over fist, I mean toes.

  6. My favorite line of yours, Dan, was about Patriot Bank (where Franklin Simon and then Sam Goody’s used to be), across the Post Road from People’s Bank. You wrote something like “A bank where no one has ever been seen entering or exiting”! I still smile as I turn in the access road to go to Trader Joe’s … and I’ve never seen a customer either.