Friday The 13th “Ghoul”

Who knew there was a cable network called Chiller TV?

Lots of horror film fans, apparently. Like the Golf Network or History Channel, Chiller TV reaches a segment of the viewing public that can’t get enough of one thing: tiny white balls flying through the air. Assassination conspiracy theories. Or, in Chiller’s case, dismembered bodies.

It must be hard to constantly come up with new programming for niche TV. The same stuff gets shown over and over.

But each channel has its money days. For Golf TV, it’s the Masters. On the History Channel, it’s November 22.

Chiller TV’s red-letter day is Friday the 13th.

Which is why it’s such an honor for “Ghoul” — an original film — to debut this Friday (the 13th), at 9 p.m. EDT.

Trevor Harker

And if you’re lucky enough to subscribe to Cablevision’s Zirconium package, which includes Chiller TV on Channel 168, you can watch Staples High School freshman Trevor Harker star in “Ghoul.” (Also in the cast: “Modern Family”‘s Nolan Gould.)

The film — a darker “Stand By Me“-type coming-of-age film about 3  damaged children who set out to unravel a rash of local disappearances — is a far cry from Trevor’s 1st acting experiences.

Back in 2007 he played Ben — a young boy with faith in Santa Claus — in Radio City Music Hall’s 75th anniversary Christmas Spectacular. Trevor flew across stage, in a harness.

Then came modeling — print ads, stock photography, a Procter & Gamble TV commercial — and short films.

“Wilderness” was shot partly in Westport; director Amy Neswald had gone to Long Lots.

“Pandemic” was an official selection of last year’s Sundance Film Festival.

But that was then. “Ghoul” is now.

Trevor Harker, with his "Ghoul" makeup.

Auditions were intense, involving improvisations in which actors had to display intense emotions. Some youngsters found that hard. Trevor nailed it.

Filming took a month, in Baton Rouge. Trevor did some of his own stuntwork — including a scene in which he breaks a bottle on his father’s head.

The film debuted in January at the Slamdance Festival, which runs simultaneously with Sundance. For the 2nd year in a row, Trevor headed to Park City.

After the screening, people recognized him. Fans asked him to sign movie posters.

Ari Lehman as Jason Voorhees.

Trevor’s fame may spread after Friday the 13th. He may even reach the stature of Ari Lehman, the Staples actor who played the 1st Jason Voorhees in a series of horror films that are now a staple of Chiller TV. You may remember Ari/Jason from his legendary drowning-in-the-lakes scene.

The name of that film?

“Friday the 13th.”

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