Wacky Weather On March 14

The temperature soared near 70 today — more than a month earlier than normal. Buds sprouted, car tops came down, shirt tops came off.

The scene was dramatically different just 2 years ago. On March 14, 2010 Westport reeled from the effects of a deadly windstorm the night before. A woman was killed by a falling tree on Park Lane; much of the town lost power, and trees pierced dozens of roofs.

What a difference 2 years makes.

As for tomorrow…

…beware the Ides of March.

Dozens of residents of High Point Road were trapped for days by this downed transformer.

Not far away on High Point Road was this weird scene.

Travel was impossible on South Compo Road, not far from the fatality on Park Lane.

This Woody Lane scene was repeated all over town.

The backyard of a Caccamo Lane home -- a typical March 14, 2010 scene.

12 responses to “Wacky Weather On March 14

  1. Lamplight JD

    I’ll take this weather every day!
    What a difference a year makes.
    Happy Spring to all!

    The Captain

  2. Bobbie Herman

    And, of course, climate change is a hoax!!

    • It is, but Obama’s buddies depend on the hoax to get $billions in subsidies for their failed alternative energy firms.

      • A hoax? Tell that to the Polar Bears in the Arctic who are now floundering and swimming because the ice they have always walked on is melting for the first time in recorded history.

        • The ice has melted before and it will melt again. The earth has warmed and cooled before and it will warm and cool again. The sky is not falling; but the $billion in subsidies are flying into the hands of the VC firms who pay Obama..

  3. Master Dude Abides

    Hardly a hoax as animal life, seedlings and plants are migrating slowly north to avoid the increased heat. And while you political assessment of the situation is right on, our leaders are merely bandaided the problem by kicking the can down the road.

    • The earth has been warming and cooling for 800,000 years, but VC firms have bellied up to the public trough only recently. There is nothing to be done except adjust to the inevitable change.

      • Master Dude Abides

        Never played golf on March 14th before in CT in my life!! FORE!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Don’t you mean “be-FORE” March “FORE-teenth”?

          • Master Dude Abides

            “FORE” is a word of forewarning of what is about to come i.e. a golf ball in the head OR the number of bugs that will attack this summer cuz of GLOBAL WARMING!!!

  4. Man-Made Global Warming is a Myth.

    • Princeton '82

      Yeah right, Wrecker. That is why the Ohio factories pollute our Connecticut air and the last decade was the hotest on record.