8800 Sq Ft, Water Vu, 6 Washer/Dryers

The rich are different from you and me.

The rich have 6 washers and dryers.

At least, Phil Donohue and Marlo Thomas do.

Their Beachside Avenue property is on the market.

Phil and Marlo's home. (Photo/John Videler)

For a mere $27.5 million, you get:

  • Welcoming gates and a long drive
  • A 3-bedroom, 3-full and 2-half-bath Nantucket-style home with expansive water views
  • A separate 2-bedroom guest wing with a bath and private entrance
  • Another building on a pond, with a fully equipped gym and “hand-crafted, tropical-designed sauna”
  • A screened gazebo for “complete peaceful relaxation and bird watching”
  • Environmentally friendly features, ensuring “the least waterfront maintenance possible”
  • Sophisticated geo-thermal heating, a/c, electric, security and drainage systems “engineered toward the future”
  • Mahogany-framed, “wind-tested” windows.

Oh yeah. And 6 washer-dryers.

Two cops were on hand today, directing brokers to areas of the estate they could and could not see.

It was all very hush-hush. Unless, of course, you had to shout to be heard over all those washers and dryers.

One of the few rooms without a washer-dryer. (Photo/John Videler)

10 responses to “8800 Sq Ft, Water Vu, 6 Washer/Dryers

  1. Hey Dan,
    I was the lucky photographer to capture this gorgeous house. It is truly a magnificent home! The best part of it is that it has a real cozy atmosphere. Marlo really did an excellent job designing everything. It has that kick off your shoes and relax in every room feeling.The house should sell quickly, but probably not to a photographer, maybe a writer like yourself.

  2. THANKS, John — sorry I didn’t see any photo credits. I’ll ad ’em right now — great shots!

  3. Gee, what a deal. 3 bedrooms for 27.5 million. I got a bridge in Brooklyn if you want a better view . . . .

  4. With such a huge house, where are they moving to big enough to accomodate all of it?

  5. Lamplight JD

    Only 6 washer and dryers for that price?
    What’s this world coming to?


  6. Wonder if the 99% Occupy crowd paid a visit to That Girl’s 1% home last summer too …Ahh…I don’t think so!

  7. A quick look at your headline in a long list of emails Dan, coupled with the thought that a lot of posts concern downtown comings, goings and doings, my first thought was: Gee, what’s next… now the laundromat is for sale??

  8. I don’t bemoan Marlo and Phil (for both have done some good things in life) but for once, I would like to hear that a school teacher and/or police officer were selling their 27.5 million dollar house.

  9. Are they staying in Connecticut?