Let The Games Begin

File this under whichever category you want: “Signs of the Apocalypse,” or “Meeting Kids Exactly Where They Are Today.”

Back in the 1940s this was a typical scene at Mahackeno, the Westport Y’s long-running summer camp:

Here’s a photo from last summer:

(That’s laser tag, for those of you not down with modern games.)

Building on last year’s success, Camp Mahackeno introduces special “theme weeks” this year — 1 for each of the 8 weeks camp is in session.

They include Olympics, space week, sports of all sorts, science week, travel around the world, holiday week, and arts week (in conjunction with the Westport Arts Center).

Traditionalists, take heart: One of the sessions is called “Water Week.”

Hey, it’s still summer. No one’s changed that.


One response to “Let The Games Begin

  1. John Hooper

    I guess they won’t give you a Mohawk haircut anymore either.