Intrepid Entrepreneur Wanted

Alert “06880” reader Melissa Ceriale and her son 10-year-old son Jack recently spent 2 months in Paris. In between museum and Eiffel Tower trips they discovered Oya Café, an “out-of-the-way but amazing games shop.”

Inside are floor-to-ceiling displays of board and card games from around the world, and for all ages. They’re all available to rent, for an hour or an evening. You also pay 5 euros to sit and play for as long as you want.

Inside Oya Cafe.

There are competitive games, educational games, group collaboration games, war games, animal games — the variety seems endless.

The expert staff helps with everything, from selection to rules and questions.

Drinks (non-alcoholic) are served. Snacks too, but limited to avoid messes on tables.

It’s a very popular place for a non-custodial parent to spend an evening with children, Melissa says — much more interactive than a movie or play area.

Melissa adds: “I toss this out there as it is an interesting retail venue, one that could perhaps be of potential in a family community such as ours. Maybe there’s an entrepreneurial reader out there looking for the next big thing to hit our shores.”

What do you think, Westport? Is this just the thing for our next vacant storefront — perhaps Achorn’s, Talbots or the Liquor Locker?

Nah.  Probably another clothing chain.

7 responses to “Intrepid Entrepreneur Wanted

  1. The gal is wise

    What’s the SF going for on Main St. these days? Prob not a great business plan to open on Main. 🙂 I’d say, great idea for an alley location- or say, where Functional Clothing used to be? Or where Toquet hall is/was

  2. Your headline is redundant; all entrepreneurs are intrepid and I tip my hat to these risk takers.

  3. i ABSOLUTELY love this post and melissa’s idea for bringing it to this area….hmmmmm!!!
    thanks for sharing…

  4. The old Chat ‘n Chew in Fairfield had quite an assortment of board games, along with their coffee drinks and snacks. Unfortunately we all know where that business idea went.

  5. The library has a plethora of games

  6. What a GREAT idea! Thank you for sharing it…I do hope it ignites something somewhere. If I had the capital, I’d consider it, I’m a intrepid but cash tight. 🙂

  7. There is a place like this behind Penzeys spices, our 12 year old sometimes spends Friday nights playing Magic card games there. Pizza and brownies provided, seems like a nice group, Parents don’t stay though.