No Wonder They Call It “Super” Stop & Shop

On the eve of the Super Bowl, alert “06880” reader Kelly Crisp snapped this photo of a sign at Stop & Shop:

She notes: “Unfortunately, it seems the manager is a Giants fan — while at least some of his customers like the Pats.”

Enjoy the game. May the best team Patriots win!

23 responses to “No Wonder They Call It “Super” Stop & Shop

  1. GiantsFan2012



  2. The Dude Abides

    To the credit of the store, they have a equal number of Patriots & Giants balloons, cakes and other miscellanous crap that is overpriced. PATS by 14. Bank on it.

  3. Your on, Dude. I say Giants by 4 or 24. And I’ll bet a whole buck on it. You in?

  4. I dont understand why “New England”? Why not “Massachusetts Patriots”, just like Tennesesee Titans.

  5. The Stop and Shop in Naugatuck has nothing but Patriots stuff up , even though the majority of people here are Giants fans. At least Westport is actually the NYC area….not sure what they’re thinking here.

  6. And yet, the “NY” Giants play in NJ. Also, Stop and Shop is a New England (MA) company. GO PATS.

    • You missed the point…this reader is up in arms because of the Giants sign in Westport, meanwhile it’s the complete opposite in another store not too far away. Oh….and they have Stop and Shops in NY. And NJ. Doesn’t matter where their “headquarters” are.

  7. NEW JERSEY??? What exit??? GET A ROPE!!! GO NEW ENGLAND!!

  8. Why New England? And not Mass? Or Boston?
    Cause when they started, they sucked so bad they needed 6 States to half fill the stadium and they hoped to draw from the Region. Also, they were lobbying to get money for a stadium and were playing one State against another. The “generic” name gave them negotiating stregnth with Massachusetts.
    They have come a long way to lose a second time to the almighty GIANTS!!!!

    • The Dude Abides

      Originally, VET, there were the Boston Patriots but when they moved to Foxboro, they took the symbolic name of the strong and worthy! PATS by 14, bank on it.

  9. Dude,
    Too many doobies for me. You are correct. I saw them play as the Boston Patriots in 68 or 69. But they did suck. Brady fumbles and throws interceptions today, sits on sidelines with a crying towel over his head. Madonna comforts him with a lap dance and wardrobe malfunction.

    • The Dude Abides

      Indeed they did suck under Babe Parelli, VET. I will be stoned by Madonna as she French kisses Peyton with Woodhead scoring 3 TD’s in final quarter to walk away with it.

  10. Oh well, only one interception, but Brady was not an MVP tonight. Without the safety, a field goal would have meant overtime. Back to making Brady babies, attending fashion shows, and being humble.

    But it was a GREAT GAME.

  11. The Dude Abides

    @ VET: Indeed, was a Super Bowl. The PATS had their chances, Eli made the big plays. Madonna and the commercials: B-. Where do I send the buck Gary?????????????????

    • @Dude. Send it to your favorite charity ( with a bundle more from you of course ). I nailed the 4 point win, that’s worth more than $.

  12. GIANTSFAN2012

    Giants are the supreme top dogs.
    Perhaps all the naysayers of Eli will now take their inflated heads out of the sand and realize being up 2/2 against pretty boy Brady, perhaps Tom is not in the same league as Eli!

    Congratulations to the NY GIANTS! What a season!!
    Never count us out!

  13. Ironic,

    LOL, that is very funny; Richard Simmons!
    Love it.

    What was the point in watching a fellow just about lose his man thang?

    That halftime show more closely resembled a circus of sorts!

    Can’t they pull off something better then that?