Hanging Out Downtown

There was a bit of action today on Church Lane:

I don’t know if the well-hung sign was for the new Spotted Horse restaurant, or Urban Outfitters next door.

As of early afternoon, the sign had not yet been erected.

But I’m sure it will be impressive.

Size matters.

10 responses to “Hanging Out Downtown

  1. The Dude Abides

    LOL!! Probably limited in size by town ordinance, a self-regulated erectile dysfunction. It appears Hung Well hangs in Central Park as Well per their address. Long way to “come” to hang out?

  2. You didn’t edit its phone number out?? Thanks to your photo, that company surely will receive a lot of crank calls. Just sayin’.

  3. I saw that today through the window at the Y, and I only wished I had my camera. So glad you did,

  4. Not too far from another well named former establishment…S&M Pizza

  5. wellhung@excite.com

    It’s obviously a mobile autograph truck for Mr. Hung Well, the founder of Dick’s Sporting Goods.

  6. Any relation to Mr. Well Hung? (Actually it’s a mobile ad for Viagra.)

  7. Blame it on their “Engrish”