1st Selectman Speaks About Levene Suicide

Andrew R. Levene — the 41-year-old man arrested earlier this week for the alleged murder of Westport jeweler Kuti Zeevi — committed suicide today in a Madrid jail cell.

First selectman Gordon Joseloff said:

“The suicide of the man accused in the Westport murder is a tragedy for all concerned.

Andrew R. Levene

“Not only has the suspect taken the life of a beloved Westport resident and caused immeasurable pain to the Zeevi family and friends here, he has now inflicted the same pain on his own family, also innocents in this tragedy. It is a cowardly confirmation of his guilt.

“The death of the accused murder suspect by his own hands will not diminish the extraordinary efforts demonstrated by Westport police, state and federal authorities, and Spanish police in tracking him down.

“Hours and hours of police work culminating in the arrest should serve as a warning to anyone thinking of committing a similar heinous crime that they will be caught – no matter how difficult and distant the trail.”

18 responses to “1st Selectman Speaks About Levene Suicide

  1. Keep the Change

    First we (USA) do not spend millions extraditing the scumbag then spend more millions prosecuting the scumbag then spend more jailing him for life because we would have to promise not to fry the scumbag.
    And second he can start burning in hell earlier

  2. Gosh, what a world we live in, even when our glimpses past ourselves don’t take us far beyond town.

  3. I want to see the body. $300,000 can buy a lot of favors in Spain.

  4. The sooner he enter purgatory the better!
    Fully agree with “keep the change”.
    Why should our tax dollars be spent on the process?
    Net result; he is in a place he was destined to be in anyway!


  5. Sad. Let’s be civil here please

  6. The Dude Abides

    Levene gets about as much compassion as he gave his victims.

  7. Andy was a very good friend of mine for 20+ years. His arrest this week blindsided his friends and family. This is a tragedy all around and I am so sorry that his actions have hurt so many others including his 5 and 7 year old sons.

    • What can you tell us about him? There are so many victims left behind, including those whom most likely never suspected that he had this side to him. I am sorry for your loss too.

    • Westporter4ever

      Dear Old Friend…I’m sure you can understand the loss that our community feels. I think it’s brave that you spoke up and you are correct we are not the only victims and his family too will have to live with this the rest of their lives. However being the cynical person i have become with age, I find it hard to believe that many people close to him were completely “blindsided” considering all the information that is now available on this “Andy”. Ultimately he’s the worst type of coward because he has left his young sons to suffer the consequenses of his actions! With the internet & media, they will never be able to escape or hide from what he’s done.

  8. There can be no justice for the original act that took Kuti’s life. That is the tragedy.

  9. On one level, maybe it’s best.

  10. Coward!!

    • Coward, or so overwrought by realizing the horrible person he had become? Did he cut to the chase and give himself his own punishment? Only he will ever know.

  11. The alleged murderer being gone is a relief to all – some closure for Kuti’s family, moving on for the killer’s family, no painful multi-year appeals process resulting in being forced to relive the violence over and over again.

    I seriously wonder about the suicide. It is hard to believe that this type of man would take his own life when he has so many years of appeals available to him and assurance of no capital punishment (especially given the fact that he has two children). I think he would be too selfish to take his own life.

  12. The two sons are better off without this scumbag as a father. I’m dancing on Levene’s grave! He messed with alot of peoples lives and then he takes one. Words can’t describe how I feel about the man he murdered. I hope he rots in hell!

  13. Our family knew Andrew Levene when he was a popular, well liked high school boy named “Beaner”. We are all in a state of shock and will never understand why or whatever happened to his character to allow him to commit such a horrible act. His suicide leaves so many unanswered questions.