Thank You, Westport PD

Today’s announcement of the arrest of the alleged killer of Kuti Zeevi culminates several weeks of hard work by many law enforcement agencies, in the US and abroad.

All deserve thanks from grateful Westporters.

But one organization rates an extra-special thank-you: our very own Westport Police Department.

The detectives — and many other members of the force — worked countless hours on this case. They threw themselves into it the moment the shooting occurred. They kept at it, straight through for over a month.

They did it with a relatively new chief, and several other newly promoted leaders. They did it while several other big events demanded their attention. And they did it during the always-stressful Christmas and New Year’s season.

It’s easy to complain about anything and everything. In Westport, pointing fingers is almost an official sport.

But today is a day for all of us, together, to give a full-throated, heartfelt “thank you” to every man and woman serving us every day, on our superb, thorough, and very professional Westport Police Department.

13 responses to “Thank You, Westport PD

  1. Thank You!

  2. Terry Brannigan

    Thank You. Bravo

  3. Well said Dan! It was an outstanding job by a very dedicated group of men and women. – Dick Alley

  4. I’ll add my voice to chorus. Cheers to our police officers!!

  5. Agree! Thank you to Westport’s finest!

  6. Westporter4ever

    Not only do we need to say BIG THANK YOU to the Detectives and other PD personell on this case…but also we need to thank their Family’s! They too have to sacrifice in order for their husband/Wife/Dad/Mom etc to get the job done! Congrats to all on a job well done!!!

  7. Great work WPD. Kuti deserved justice…and you got it. Everyone here at the Russell Agency thanks you for nabbing that coward.

  8. Thank you WPD!

  9. I am all for rah-rah Westport in blue but what did they actually do to catch the suspect?

    • Well, off the top of my head, I know they spent countless hours poring over the security tape (and other security info from other parts of the shopping center); hunted down interviewed MANY people who might have been inadvertent witnesses; pored over thousands of hours of cell phone call logs; chased the guy to Philadelphia; got and examined more security tapes from Philadelphia; examined probably thousands of photos of international travelers…I am sure there is much, much more that I don’t know.

      I do know that for several days in the immediate aftermath, the detectives (and probably others) never saw their own families.

    • Read the affidavit at to find out.

  10. Thank you Westport PD for all you do!

  11. the affidavit was a fascinating read, and a testament to amazing teamwork by the agencies and polices forces involved. All I can say is Thank God!