Give Peace A Chance

You know how everyone always wishes “peace on earth” around Christmastime? And decorates their homes all nice and pretty, with lights and displays and whatnot?

And then, as soon as New Year’s is over, everything comes down, and we revert back to our old selves all over again?

Betsy Phillips is out to change all that.

Instead of Santa or a creche, she displayed a peace sign on her Compo Beach home.

It’s still up.

Betsy vows to keep it going all year.

That should warm some hearts on a cold winter night.

And provide a nice punctuation point on the 4th of July.

14 responses to “Give Peace A Chance

  1. Copiers…A family on Compo Mill Cove had a giant peace sign up for years before they moved.

  2. Dennis Jackson

    An excellent idea! The more copiers the better!

  3. Start a movement.

  4. Estelle T. Margolis

    Thank you, Betsy Phillips! We would love to have you join us on our weekly Peace Vigil on the Post Road Bridge. We have been there for more than six years (seven in June) and we are a very small group.
    We stand from 11 AM to 11:30. We welcome you!
    Estelle T. Margolis

  5. Hi, Dan. Nice piece or peace! But I was a little disconcerted to see you say that everyone decorates their home for Christmas. I know that my Jewish friends do not, though they may still wish me a Merry Christmas. Even that, for a Unitarian, is a bit of a stretch!

  6. The Dude Abides

    Peace? What a strange concept. Kudos to the Phillips family (and Professor Woog) for reminding us that we are at WAR!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I thought we won the war against Oceana?
      Who we fighting now?

      • The Dude Abides

        Let me see: the Taliban, Al Qaeda, any terrorist, drugs, new war on Alzheimer’s and probably Iran soon. Strange thing is, that obesity is killing us off more than any of the aforementioned. So, we, in fact, are eating ourselves to death.

  7. Hey, you are correct!–In fact, these clever folks are our friends!! The Milwe’s–and that sign is now in Saugatuck Shores–but-Yes! They were the start of the Peace Movement : ) down here– we just loved it and found *we LOOKED for it at night*

  8. Betsy needs to read the Zoning Regulations.

    However well intentioned, her peace is a No No. Can’t have lights shining onto other properties.

    It also could be considered RUDE to her neighbors who might not want all that UNPEACEFUL illumination. Don’t know Betsy, but if she’s a good neighbor, she should turn her lights off.

    • A prime example of a really stupid regulation, and there are many that fall into the stpuid category. There is no way to stop lights from shining onto the property of others. Light propagates in all directions. If you leave on a porch light, some light will make it onto the property of others. Maybe one of the geniuses who came up with the regulation should explain to us all how he/she expects to change the nature of light so that we can all comply with the regulation.

  9. we do have a timer! ((shrug!))