Warming Homes And Hearts

The weather outside may not be frightful.

Of course, that could change any second. And when it does, some Westporters will spend plenty of money heating their homes.

Others — not so much.

One difference is energy efficiency — including hard-to-manage and often-overlooked areas like insulation.

Help is at hand. In fact, it has been for a couple of years.

Since March of 2010, over 300 Westporters have taken the “Home Energy Challenge.” That puts us Number One — ahead of 13 other towns — in a contest for the most “Home Energy Solutions” visits and upgrades.

The goal is for 1,000 residents to decrease their energy consumption by 20% by July 2013. It’s a worthy aim — with benefits for your own home, and the environment at large.

Need another incentive to “join the Challenge” — besides the fact that for just $75, you’ll reap hundreds of dollars in savings?

Well, for every home energy upgrade commitment made by the end of February, a blanket will be donated to a family or child in need.

That should warm your heart (and home) too.

(To learn more, and sign up for a Home Energy Solutions visit, click here or call 203-200-0626. Tell ’em Dan Woog sent you.)

5 responses to “Warming Homes And Hearts

  1. This is a very good deal. We signed up for this survey last May. Our electricity and gas bills are lower as a result of reduced usage. In addition to lower demand bulbs and draft stoppage (and a new erfrigerator/freezer) pay-back is on track at two years to return about $1,000.00.
    “Like oatmeat, it’s the right thing to do”, even in a condo..

  2. We did this energy audit last summer. It WAS a great deal for $75. The team spent 6 hours in our home, sealing up every leak they could find. Our regular HVAC person saw the result and commented that he was very impressed with the changes. Everyone should take advantage of this process.

  3. Bobbie Herman

    Will they come to Fairfield?

  4. Yes, Home Energy Solutions is available for all CT residents.

  5. That’s an amazing deal! Too bad I can’t make the most of it. I’m in the middle of looking at new homes for sale in NY. I do hope Home Energy Solutions comes to that area, too.