Pymander Fades Away

Pymander — “the oldest new-age store in Connecticut” — is closing January 22.

The shop — which sells books, CDs, stones “and other gifts for those interested in spirituality, recovery, alternative health, meditation, energy work, Reiki, Feng Shui, yoga and other body work” — started out 39 years ago in Westport, in the days when that kind of store easily found a home here.

Eventually it migrated to the Westport/Norwalk line, near John’s Best. A few years ago it moved to Norwalk’s Wall Street.

For now, everything is 40% off.

Soon, Pymander will just be the answer to a trivia question:  “What was the name of that new age place near downtown…?”

7 responses to “Pymander Fades Away

  1. VETDOC at Compo

    One of my favorite tranquil places to shop. How sad.


  2. I have so many fond memories of Pymander as well as Leonards health food coop. Everything has changed so much in 40 years. Yesterday I parked at Parker Harding Plaza and did not recognize all of the new stores However, I love the new stores and will most likely be a patron.

  3. Did spirituality leave Westport with Pymander?

  4. A wonderful store, and Kristen Howard was an inspiring and committed proprietor. Pymander will be missed.

  5. This is sad news – Pymander will be missed.

  6. I worked at Pymander for 7 years at its location in the former strip mall behind John’s Best on the Post Road, under it’s owner and founder, Nancy Ivison. It was an accepting, safe haven for people with ‘alternate’ views of the universe to congregate and share their experiences, without others backing away from them slowly. I heard some amazing stories during my time there…

  7. Jennie Weaver

    sad that another iconic retailer is closing-
    Westport needs to start to really support small independent retail stores, of they will all be gone, and Westport will be one ugly, homogenized, sea of the Gap, Banana Republic, and Starbucks-yuck.