Tyler Hicks And The Somali Pirates

Where in the world is Tyler Hicks?

The Staples grad — now an internationally known New York Times photographer, who last year spent 6 days in Libyan captivity — is back in action. This time he’s in the Gulf of Oman.

Tyler’s photos of a Somali pirate being taken into American custody compellingly illustrate today’s fascinating Page 1 story about a hijacked Iranian fishing crew that outwitted terrorists armed with knives, a pistol and assault weapons.

One of the Somali pirates who seized an Iranian fishing vessel in the Gulf of Oman was taken into American custody. The Iranian hostages were able to let the Americans know their plight by speaking in Urdu, which their captors did not understand. (Photo/Tyler Hicks for the New York Times)

Tyler’s website describes his work around the world: Kenya, Haiti, Albania, Kosovo, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Chechnya, Congo, Ethiopia, Sudan, Iraq.

“He now lives in Istanbul,” it concludes. “But he’s seldom home.”

Westport proudly shares this talented, intrepid photographer with the world he documents so brilliantly.

(Click here for more Tyler Hicks photos from the American rescue effort.)

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  1. I thought the Somali Pirates were Pittsburgh’s AA affiliate.

  2. Hang em from the yard arm.