I Hereby Resolve…

I swore I wasn’t going to post any New Year’s  Resolutions.

Then again, it’s not nice to swear.

So, in the year ahead “06880″ will strive to:

  • Go easy on Westport drivers.  They are, after all, Very Important People, with perfectly understandable reasons to hurtle through town at warp speed while conducting Very Important Conversations and sending Very Important Text Messages on their phones.
  • Refrain from making snide comments about certain builders and developers’ downtown decisions. Unless something really snark-inducing happens.
  • Hold my McMansion fire.  People who live in condos shouldn’t throw stones.
  • Be excruciatingly polite to readers who demand that, because I have just done a post on (to choose a purely hypothetical example) a new business in town, I have to write about their competing business too.
  • Continue to seek out intriguing, dynamic, under-reported, fun, funny, heart-warming, heart-wrenching, offbeat, upbeat and generally cool story about Westport.  And about Westporters, large and small.
  • Especially small.

PS:  These are just resolutions.  It’s not like anyone expects me to keep them, right?

An astonishingly beautiful addition to downtown. This fine example of a variety of uses of concrete will enable Westporters of all ages to lounge comfortably, enjoying a brief respite amid their shopping excursions.

15 responses to “I Hereby Resolve…

  1. Luv da new you, Dan.


  2. Jane Nordli Jessep

    Thank God, for you, Dan Woog. Westport would be such a diminished place without you. So keep up the fun making and serious sharing. You’re the best.

  3. happy new year!

  4. Thanks for a great year of everything Westport, Dan. Feel free to make and/or break any resolution you want.

  5. 22% of all resolutions are successful. Just keep doing what you have been: giving us readers a very focused view of what is REALLY going on in this town! Happy 2012

  6. HNY!
    How about changing the photo in the header? That would be great! 🙂

  7. Please break your resolutions so we can enjoy your blog again.

  8. VetDoc at Compo

    Resolutions are made to be broken!


    Enjoy life!

  9. I don’t like what has been done to Needle Park.

    It is Ugly.

  10. Is the photo of Needle Park? Or what is it? SO UGLY

  11. Gwen Dwyer Lechnar


  12. That looks like a Festivus pole in Needle Park. Thought I heard someone airing their grievances when I walked by there last week.

  13. OMG
    A friggin’ FESTIVUS pole!