Just Another Way To Say It

With all the good-feel-y stories we’ve posted lately — nice folks aiding neighbors and strangers; churches and synagogues rushing to help after a fire, blahblahblah — it’s time to turn our attention to another side of the holidays.

An alert but anonymous “06880” reader describes an overheard conversation in a (fortunately) unnamed hair salon the other day:

If one more person tells me Merry Christmas, I’ll clobber them. I’m Jewish! Stop telling me Merry F—ing Christmas!

Now that’s the Westport we know and love!

Wait, wait!  I was kidding!


Well then, Merry F—ing Christmas to you too!

23 responses to “Just Another Way To Say It

  1. here’s a different — and thoughtful — take from a great student writer, Inklings columnist Jordan Shenhar — http://www.inklingsnews.com/c/2011/12/21/20930/

    • Thanks for posting, Julia. Jordan has written the best article I’ve read on this issue. Poignant and funny, a winning mix.

  2. Jordan’s comment is waaaay deeper and more insightful than mine!

  3. I have noticed this year a major increase in the use of Merry Christmas and it has definitely caught me off guard. So many years now we have been conditioned to use Happy Holidays ( which I happily still use) that it’s nice to see Merry Christmas back! It’s also the most cheerful holiday season among the population I’ve seen in a long time.

  4. Happy Festivus!

  5. One of the many wonderful things about being Jewish is not having to give a shit about Christmas. It’s like the whole world is freaking out about buying useless crap they don’t need, and I just get to sit on the sidelines and contemplate Chinese food and a movie on Christmas eve.

  6. Jordan could not have said it better!

  7. Dear ‘Annoynous’, the true meaning of Christmas extends far beyond gifts and excess consumption. Many of us still hold close to the idea of being with family, friends and giving back etc. It’s too bad that many folks who don’t celebrate it, jewish or not, have a skewd idea of what a lot of people experience during this time. Anyway, enjoy your Chinese!

    • Well said, Billy! A very Merry Christmas to you and yours!

    • Thanks Billy. Merry Christmas to you and Happy Holidays to All.
      May this Holidays season be good for all. May 2012 bring the
      BEST out in all of us, no matter what religion we are. It is time to get over
      “I am right you are wrong” thing. Get a life ‘Annoymous” Thank You
      Jordan, Billy, and Dan. We are all BLESSED!!!!!!!

  8. * IPad spell check is for the birds!

  9. The F—ing addition is really wonderful. It adds verboten sexuality to the season. Great Holiday Spice !

  10. “It would be like renaming the “Harry Potter” series out of respect for Ron and Hermione.” Brilliant!

  11. These people who don’t like to hear Merry Christmas, do they hang stockings, send holiday cards, exchange gifts, and bake cookies? If so, they should just respond “and happy holidays to you.”

  12. The Dude Abides

    As you get older, I do believe the Christmas season is just for kids. As well as Anonymous (above), I have enough “stuff” in my life. As for the specificity on Christmas wishes, I also believe that many Jews celebrate, in some fashion, the holiday as well. But the best line on the subject was delivered by our most recent Supreme Court Justice, when asked what she was doing when the “Detroit bomber” landed on Christmas day: “I was, most likely, eating at a Chinese buffet like most Jews.” I suggest the lady who is contemplating “clobbering” well wishers get a sense of humor in her stocking. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!

  13. Since the kids are spending their trust funds somewhere else and most of our friends have huge families, we decided to invite all our Jewish friends for Christmas dinner. All seemed to welcome the invitation and had a good laugh when invited. Westport is great.


  15. VetDoc at Compo

    And, a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!

  16. Dan, Your surprising and very disappointing post triggered some positive responses – and also some pretty ugly ones. I’m a Jew who celebrates Chanukah, recognizes the importantance of Christmas, and who respectfully accepts a “Merry Christmas” greeting from someone who is unaware that I’m not a Christian.
    BTW, I the actual title of the graphic that accompanied the post was unfortunate.

    • I agree, this was a very unfortunate post. We are already experiencing a growing division between the “have’s” and the “have-nots” in Westport. Another between the Westport old-timers and the newly arrived. Do we also now have to create a divide between Westport’s Jews and non-Jews? Do we really need to stir up anti-Semitic feelings by repeating a dumb, overheard, anonymous comment? Because that is exactly what repeating that comment in a public forum – your blog – accomplishes, whether it is intended or not.

  17. Yeah Dan,
    Ya bedda start listining to Howard and Jessica and clean up your act here. We want a TOTALLY PC (politically correct) site. No subtle tounge in cheek humor or double meaning inferences. We also want no references to sex, drugs, rock n roll, politics, or religion. All comments need certified names and must be TOTALLY VANILLA. no challenges to insight.
    Is it possible to have one’s sense of humor
    surgically removed? Apparently, some blog readers seem to have gotten it done.
    Ho ho ho!

  18. Jessica,

    The high horse called. It wants you to get off now.