And The Winner Is…

Turns out it’s not too easy taking photos of Christmas lights.

Our contest — for the best holiday decorations on a Westport home — was not exactly the most popular thing since Powerball.

However, here’s a shout-out to the enormous tree on North Avenue, just south of Staples, that each year is fully decked out in handsome lights. Carl Swanson captured it Saturday night:

And although we specifically asked for home decorations, several readers nominated 2 great civic sites:  the Bridge Street (Cribari) Bridge, courtesy of Al’s Angels

…and this year’s newcomer, the Christmas tree in front of Town Hall:

Next year, I’ll open up the contest to Hanukkah and Kwanzaa decorations too.

That should get a lot more entries.

18 responses to “And The Winner Is…

  1. Dennis Jackson

    There used to be a huge and wonderful pine full of lights on Bayberry north of the Nike Site and almost to Easton Rd. Used to take the kids by it every year. It that one still around?

    • We used to visit that tree every year as well. What a beauty! It put all the others to shame. Last I went by there was several years ago, and it was dark. 🙁

  2. The tree in front of the Westport Town Hall ought to get a lesson from the tree in from of the Fairfield Town Hall on how to put lights on !!!!
    I love the Bridge Street bridge.

    Dan – how do you get the snow flakes to fall in those photographs?

    • Snowflakes or a string of blinking lights are add-on software for blogs and forums. If you look closely, you’ll see the flakes in front of the text as well – it covers the entire page. Woog’s been letting it snow for a couple of years now.

    • I believe it to be dandruff. Obviously not from our creator.

  3. Carl Addison Swanson

    Thank you for the accolades and I am proud to be the first winner of such a coveted prize. However, Jo Ann Miller actually took the picture with my direction (which included several unholy four letter word exchanges). In fact, we had to park on the sidewalk (ouch!!) to shoot it and while we did so, a Westport police officer stopped to make sure we were okay. She (yep a female officer) was most polite and added to the jolly experience of Westport’s Woog winter-wonderland win.

  4. thank you to the blogger for having the confidence and sensitivity to encourage others to acknowledge that this is indeed a Christmas Tree. That transition from this being a ‘holiday tree’ to a ‘christmas tree’ probably wouldn’t have happened without his encouragement. once this blog highlighted that secular label other local blogs changed their reports on it from ‘holiday tree’ to ‘christmas tree’.

    so, again, thank you. that kind of courtesy and sensitivity that seems to get trampled on in favor of p.c.’ness is very much appreciated.

    • Since you’re Anonymous, I’ll bust on you. It’s a Norse Yule Tree, co-opted (trampled on?) by the Xtians when they moved the celebration of the birth of JC to align with the Winter Solstice. I still marvel that they used to attach lit candles to the branches of pine trees!

      • i have friends who still attach the lit candles to the tree for christmas eve. they keep fire extinguishers near by, but never any problems.

  5. It is a great time of the year regardless of your religion or “holiday” enjoyed. My tree is a spruce without distinction to faith.

  6. Yes, my tree is also a Michigan spruce with GE lights. Not sure if that makes it a Christmas tree or a corporate tree? But you know what? I could care less. Happy Holidays!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Whitney Janeway

    from a former Westporter;
    I’m now 5 miles away and recommend the drive to “Wally World”, Walter Schalk’s large home on Drum Hill Road in Wilton. He’s outdone himself this year; it is tastefully decorated for the big party for his Dance Studio folks.
    A reflecting lake in front is just a plus for it all.

  8. Can't Drive 55

    The competition is limited to Westport. We only go to Wilton to win football games at night.

  9. Carl,
    Did you turn the camera to starboard intentionally ? Really weird. Very creative.

    • Nope. My lady might have been weaving and bobbing when she took the shot. It was a late night.

      • Sorry, friend. For some strange reason, on an iPhone or iPad, your image is rotated 90 degrees starboard. I was joshin Dan, usin’ you poor guys to poke him. Duh. Looks OK on a Mac.

        Too many doobies?

        Merry Christmas !

  10. Elisabeth Keane

    The lights on Bill’s Bridge, courtesy of Al’s Angels, and the lights on the trees next to Mansion Clam House combine for a wonderful effect.