Joy Amid Sorrow

Westport rejoices with Nava Zeevi and her family on the birth of her grandson.

The boy — weighing 6 pounds, 14 ounces — was born at 6 this morning to Neer Zeevi and his wife Liora, of New London.

Kuti Zeevi — Neer’s father, Nava’s husband, and the infant’s grandfather — was killed Thursday night in a robbery at Kuti’s jewelry business above Compo Shopping Center.

He was buried Sunday afternoon, less than 48 hours before what would have been his first grandchild was born.

2 responses to “Joy Amid Sorrow

  1. Westporter4ever

    One Angel had left the Earth and another is Born. God Bless the Zeevi Family!

  2. G-d bless this much-wanted child! Our hearts go out to the entire Zeevi family on this happy and sad day.