Striking 12 This Christmas

‘Tis the season.  Deal with it.

Not exactly falalalala or roasting chestnuts, is it?

But that’s the best way to describe “Striking 12” by GrooveLily — a musical presentation at the Westport Country Playhouse on December 10.

It’s a great show — but, sponsors say, the toughest part is describing it to the potential audience of families, kids, and basically everyone in Westport.

Finally, someone came up with this:  “‘Striking 12’ is to Hans Christian Andersen’s ‘Little Match Girl‘ as ‘Rent’ is to ‘La Boheme.'”

Or try this:  “‘Striking 12’ is a cross between a concert and a theater piece.  It brings the spirit of ‘Match Girl’ into contemporary New York.”

And:  “It’s a concert-with-a-story, band-is-the-actors musical, with hauntingly beautiful songs and a funny, heartwarming story….part rock concert, part musical…the hippest holiday show in recent memory.”

If that sounds like PR, it is.  I haven’t seen “Striking 12.”  But I trust the people who have.

They love the show.  They think GrooveLily — the band that plays, mixing electric violin, piano and drums to create new music with roots in classical, musical theater, jazz and rock — is way cool.

David Roth — who, as director of Staples Players, knows a thing or two about satisfying an audience — says, “I first heard about GrooveLily from someone who was obsessed by them.

“Now I listen to them a lot, and use them in my directing class.  It’s one of the most creative and different mixtures of theater and music I’ve ever seen.”

Supporters of the show want to spread the word to everyone in Westport that — despite the hectic holiday season — this is a show not to miss.

Writing on the Playhouse blog, Chad Kinsman says:

It’s not kid’s music, but music that is accessible to kids and adults, and everyone in between!  One of the hardest things about planning a family outing during the holidays is trying to find something everyone will enjoy, and I can safely say “Striking 12” is just that. Younger patrons will enjoy the story, tweens and teens will like the band’s sense of humor, and everyone will love the songs.

He continues:

There is the poignancy (of “Match Girl,” but unexpectedly mixed with musical comedy, pop-rock tunes, old-fashioned uplift, and the little salesgirl whose holiday spirit can’t be matched.

Inside the clever lyrics and great melodies are important life lessons.  It’s a touching, family-and-friends-affirming show perfect to help spread the holiday spirit to you and yours.

I hope I’ve done a good job of conveying the excitement of “Striking 12.”

If not:  bah, Humbug!

(For tickets to the December 10 4 and 7 p.m. performances, click here.)

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  1. We are bringing 10 people to the show – can’t wait! This is an awesome treat – don’t miss it!!