The Amazing Wy-Master

Staples sophomore Wyatt Davis gets around.

He’s at every Wrecker football game.  He’s been to dozens of concerts, from Springsteen and Jimmy Buffett to Sugarland and Kenny Chesney.

He takes a full course load, but really enjoys TV production.  He’s an active member of the Photography Club and Best Buddies.

He loves the Yankees and — to his Giant-fan father Brett’s dismay — the Patriots.

He hosts a popular Tuesday afternoon show on WWPT-FM.  Calling himself “The Wy-Master,” Wyatt develops a theme each show; finds an eclectic assortment of music fitting that theme, then writes out a script tying it all together.

Not bad for someone who — because of cerebral palsy — cannot use his extremities.  And is unable to speak.

Wyatt Davis, at the WWPT-FM controls.

Wyatt has been a well-known and popular Westporter for years.  He and his twin sister Kate were born 14 weeks prematurely.  Nearly a decade ago — as a 1st grader at Coleytown Elementary School — Wyatt’s spirit impressed Pete Caliguire, a member of the Staples football staff.

Pete invited Wyatt to be on the sidelines of the big Thanksgiving Day game against Greenwich.  Since then, he’s a regular presence at games, practices, even film sessions.

Wyatt was active in the Coleytown variety show, and in middle school became adept at using an adaptive camera.

All the while, he was in a “power chair.”  A technological marvel, it’s got a laptop and speaking device.  With very limited motor skills, Wyatt controls his world by moving his head.

At the end of 8th grade, Wyatt went with his class to a Staples orientation session.  Media production teacher Mike Zito found him, and got him involved.  The rest — as WWPT listeners know — is history.

In addition to concerts, Wyatt attends as many big sports events as he can.

Each of Wyatt’s shows has a theme — colors, the seasons, whatever.  Using iTunes he, his father and sister choose 14 to 16 songs.  Then, Wyatt and his aide Sharon Magera — an amazing woman who has been with him since 1st grade — make the final selection, and burn a CD.

He imports what he wants to say into his computer.  When the show begins, the device speaks Wyatt’s words.

“The Wy-Master” is one of WWPT’s most eclectic shows.  Wyatt’s tastes range from U2 to Duke Ellington.  “The genre doesn’t matter,” his father explains.  “In our house, if the music’s good we listen to it.”

Wyatt has always loved music, his father says.  He sits in on his sister’s guitar lessons.  And every day, he listens to his fellow broadcasters’ shows on ‘PT.

Brett says that Wyatt’s opportunities and experiences at Staples are “beyond incredible.”

His mother, Vicky, adds:  “Hopefully after graduation, a job at a radio or TV station can be part of his life.  Meanwhile, almost every day, something different or wonderful happens.”

The next wonderful thing might come this Saturday.  Members of the WWPT  staff travel to Naperville, Illinois, for the Drury Awards — an annual recognition of excellence in high school broadcasting.  The Staples radio station is national finalists in 12 categories — more than any other high school station in the country.

One of the nominations is for “Best News Feature Story.”  The subject is “The Wy-Master” show.

It aired as a newscast on WWPT earlier this year.  It was produced by Hannah Foley, Eric Gallanty — and Wyatt Davis, “The Wy-Master,” himself.

A little snow doesn't stop Wyatt Davis from enjoying the slopes.

(Wyatt Davis’s show airs every other Tuesday, 12:30-1:30 p.m., on WWPT-FM, 90.3)

5 responses to “The Amazing Wy-Master

  1. Carissa Simon Keepin

    Awesome guy! What a difference teachers make in a child’s life, and a great family as well!

  2. Truly inspiring.

  3. Another great story, Dan! Thank you for sharing!!

  4. The kids and I have known the wonderful Wy-Master since pre-school days at Stepping Stones… a remarkable family, and a remarkable kid. In the spirit of doing things out of one’s comfort zone — which Wyatt seems to manage in inspiring ways every day — whenever I spot him and Sharon at school, I do a little dance. This inept rug-cutting (I’m a really horrid dancer) is always rewarded with a smile, giggle, or okay, a groan. He is someone we have admired for years. Now, we’ll be tuning in every other Tuesday, and wish Wyatt the best of luck in the competition. Thanks for the article, Dan.

  5. Laura G Nissim

    Wyatt and I are old acquaintances, from my time as the nurse at Coleytown El. We had our differences….but we also had fun. He and Sharon often made my day all the more interesting! My son was a member of the Staples graduating class of 2004 and a member of the football team. That year, Wyatt was made an honorary Senior ‘Phat Boy’ with other members of the O-line. It is truly wonderful all these years later to hear how well Wyatt is doing and what incredible successes he has had. Good luck with the competition Wyatt,,,,