Ah, Progress!

Once upon a time, the anchor tenant of Playhouse Square was Derma Clinic:

Soon it will be the post office:

David Waldman, where are you when we need you?

12 responses to “Ah, Progress!

  1. Maybe the Post Office should put the walk-up window back in that was there when Friendly’s was there.

  2. I have been to Playhouse Square on many occasions when there is NO parking space! and this is BEFORE the Post Office,
    Where do they expect us to park? Especially people who have walking difficulties! Bad Decision, not a good place for the Main Post Office. No one asked us(the public)

    • Dick Lowenstein

      We asked them, we implored them,we wrote to them, we enlisted Jim Himes…all to no avail. Bad decision? But they will have to find out for themselves when the holiday mailings begin!

    • Park in a Handicap spot by the front door.

    • Linda Gramatky Smith

      I too thought that this was the craziest place to put the post office, especially with NO parking places. But my husband and I drove over there a few months ago and were astounded to find something like 27 parking places along the side and back walls. That wasn’t counting any in Playhouse Square in front where all the other stores are (with such limited parking). If they mark off the spaces carefully, we’ll have many more places than where the post office is now (I think). 🙂 I guess no one who shops in the front wants to walk to the back.

  3. From lines of slow-aging products to slow lines

  4. The Dude Abides

    I love the Post Office. Go see Connie at Greens Farms. Nice, friendly environment without the hassle. Makes you think you were in 1960’s Westport.

  5. Shhhh, Dude!

  6. Yeah, this is a very bad location. Go to Greens Farms or Southport.

  7. Yes, Greens Farms is the solution and I’m not afraid to tell people about it; increased volumne will help justify its existence. Remember, the GFPO facilioty has already survived one attempt to close it several years ago. Sue, from the former Saugatuck P.O. is also there.

  8. maybe that’s an idea that the U.S. Postal Service should pursue, i.e., partnering with local developers like David Waldman for guidance on the architecture of the post offices so that USA Post Offices don’t start looking so bolshevik.

    • How could a Federal Institution partner with David Waldman?
      He is a Criminal.People should do a Federal & Local Background Check
      on David Waldman.
      Police Records in Westport are public knowledge