No More Nado

It’s a bit intimidating to get a voicemail from the cops, asking for a call back.

Except when the conversation goes like this.

Foti Koskinas — newly appointed deputy chief — asked me to convey a message to “06880” readers:

The Westport Police have teamed up with State Police to address the Nado parking issue — that’s the contractor who, for several months, has parked vehicles overnight under bridges on the Sherwood Island connector and South Compo Road.

“It’s not acceptable,” Foti said.

“Nado has been warned.  The Westport Police will enforce that warning.  If they park there again, they’re not getting a red sticker or even a ticket.  They will be towed.”

And not by a truck that picks up Passats.

“They’ll be towed by a heavy-duty wrecker — at heavy expense,” Foti says.

And that’s their expense — not the town’s.

But wait — there’s more!

“We’re glad people complained about this,” Foti says.

“We want the public to feel open calling us.  That’s the only way we know what’s going on.  And the only way we’ll get better.”

Foti encourages the public to phone 203-341-6000 with any questions, complaints or concerns.  A shift commander will handle the call.

And if that’s not good enough, you can ask for Foti or Police Chief Dale Call.

Just don’t ask to park your earth mover underneath any bridge in town.

25 responses to “No More Nado

  1. Yes, I appreciate the Chief’s initiative in following up on previous complaints. Yes, I admire his candor and his openness. But are the police really encouraging Westporters to complain? Isn’t that as unnecessary as carrying coals to Newcastle? (Maybe this will become the modern-day equivalent of that idiom: as unnecessary as asking Westporters to complain.)

  2. So let me get this straight. If a driver gets cut off by Ms. Westport Botox, driving her Escalade and talking on the phone with her dog in her lap and kids in the back, that driver is asked to call that in to police? I don’t think so…

  3. Looks like you gentlemen have nothing else better to do with your time. It is what it is. If you don’t want to call, then don’t.

    @ Jeff, it’s not complaining. They are breaking laws and rules and it needed to be stopped, are you by chance Mr. Nado? then I would understand your concern.

    @ John, I suggest that you do call the police. That is illegal. Wouldn’t you want to ensure the safety of the children?

  4. Richard Lawrence Stein

    Actually John brings up a very serious point that needs to be addressed…. Westport has had a death that was caused by a dog sitting on the lap of a driver. I personally gave seen hundreds, not a stretch of the imagination, in the laps of drivers. The police need to be more vigilant about this silliness…. I don’t care if you wear a seatbelt or not…. But put the dog in a crate, the backseat, or anyplace other than your lap people.

  5. I was wondering why it was so empty underneath the Sherwood Island Connector bridge on a rainy morning. Regarding the comments of Jeff and John, I’m sure they would feel differently if these eyesores were parked in front of their houses or on their roads “tax free”.

  6. I believe that where a car/auto is parked overnight determines where the property tax on that car/auto should be paid. A town revenue opportunity?

  7. The Dude Abides

    It is refreshing that the police chief is listening and reading. But I wrote them concerning my thoughts on contractors blocking sidewalks and heard nothing. It took a picture here on the blog to put heat on the builder to change, at least, one dangerous situation. I see these things all the time (as obviously do Messirs Lupton and others), I am not sure why a roving police car can’t do the same???

  8. The police never noticed the illegally parked trucks?

    • Seriously – isn’t that the same overpass where the police sit waiting to catch speeders?

    • The Dude Abides

      Nope. Luciano Paving was blocking the sidewalk immediately across from the main Staples entrance a month ago whereby students and runners had to enter the busy North Avenue to pass by. There sat a Westport parking enforcement car doing nothing.

      • I think westporter95 was talking about the Nado Trucks on the Sherwood connector.

        I have no idea how a citizen complaint was necessary for this. The police cars drive by that spot under the overpass every single day. Just too lazy to do something about it UNTIL someone actually complained

  9. Linda Gramatky Smith

    At 6:05 a.m. yesterday morning (Tuesday) there was a car parked next to a huge truck under the Hillandale overpass on the Sherwood Island Connector. I once hit a deer on that strip of road so it was too dark to look carefully at the car and not concentrate on my driving. But I sure thought it was a State police car and it went through my head, “Hey, someone is doing something about the Nado truck.” Thanks, Dan, for shining your blog light on this problem.

  10. Hopefully Next on WPD’s To Do LIst:

    Illegal Aliens………………..

  11. Thanks, Foti, for responding to the complaint, and many thanks to the eagle-eyed complainer!

  12. The police would do themselves and Westport a service by changing their label from COMPLAINT to REPORT. Huge difference in attitude on both sides.

    A citizen REPORTS a problem or violation… that’s not a complaint and should not be taken as such.

  13. Having a dog on your lap is not in itself a violation of any law that could allow police to pull someone over. If, and only if, theyalso committed a moving violation (speeding, swerving, running a stop sign, etc), then they could be charged with the moving violation AND distracted driving. I agree that it is incredibly dangerous….should someone have to swerve suddenly to the right or left, they’d be able to do so with the dog right under their arms…not to mention the potential injury to the pet if they were involved in an accident. So, keep yourself, others, and pets safe by keeping your dogs in the back, but if you want to see it made into a law…write to your state rep.

  14. unable to do so**

  15. Thanks for the free legal advice but me thinks driving with a dog in your lap constitutes reckless driving no matter what the circumstances of the driving quality.

  16. But legally it doesn’t Ipso Facto, so what would you like them to do

    • The Dude Abides

      I think it is a very subjective area in regard to reckless driving. I would say it depends on the police officer and his/her interpretation of the situation rather than a mere black/white definition of DWDH (Driving While Dog Holding) as you proclaim. At least that is my belief after practicing law for 30 years.

  17. Terry Brannigan

    Seriously, Foti made an honest remark, isn’t it up to the citizens to understand the difference between a silly call / complaint and a real one? I’m going to assume Foti gave the people of Westport credit for the intelligence to know the difference when he made his comment. I also would like to think if I had a break down or some other reason to park under a bridge and left a note on the windshield, I would go un-towed.

    Now if we find any trolls sleeping under our bridges, they should be eradicated immediately.

    PS: I got a ticket for using my cell phone while driving up the connector. (deserved). When the officer handed me back the ticket with my licence he said “hey, btw happy birthday, mine was yesterday”! Oh well, it’s better than being tazzed

    • Trolls! Bahahaha! I’m sorry Terry that just cracked me up. I needed a good laugh after the day I’ve had. Thanks 🙂