There’s A Place For A Jukebox

When it comes to creativity, there’s little that Staples Players can’t do.

But for their upcoming production of “West Side Story,” the award-winning high school troupe is stumped.

Where, in this day and age, can they find a good jukebox?

If you’ve got one to lend (the show runs November 11, 12, 17, 18 and 19) contact director David Roth:

You’ll have the pleasure of seeing your jukebox in a starring role on the Staples stage.

Plus get 2 free tickets to a performance of your choice.

And your name mentioned in the program.


8 responses to “There’s A Place For A Jukebox

  1. Wasn’t there a juke-box in the burger joint just up from Barnes & Noble, maybe 5 years ago? It changed hands and the box left. Anyone know where it went?
    Having a brain freeze on the names…

  2. Companies rent them. Short and long term.

  3. Actually, I have one in my garage. But since the garage is across the country, it will not do them a lot of good. Sorry. One item of note: Old jukeboxes are HEAVY, so you may have to recruit the football team to move it, when they find one.

  4. Why not use an iPod w/ speakers?

  5. because they want it to LOOK LIKE A JUKEBOX

    • Put the iPod and speakers inside a cardboard box mockup of a juke box and paint it to look like a juke box.

      Then rig up some blinking multi-colored Christmas lights (oops!!!! I’m sorry…..”Holiday Lights”) on it for effect.

      I swear……kids theses days have no sense of imagination!