Honoring Our Arts

The Westport calendar is filled with little events that should be big ones.

They’re the ones you vaguely hear about before they happen.  Afterward, someone tells you how great it was to be there.  You vow you’ll go next year — but don’t.

The Westport Arts Awards is one of those you-really-shouldn’t-miss events.  This year’s 18th annual ceremony is Sunday, October 23 (2 p.m., Town Hall).  If you want to see all that’s right with this town — its long-time residents, its young people, its support of creativity and achievement — save the date right now.

The event honors artists in 4 disciplines — music, film/theater, visual arts and literature — as well as 3 young people, 2 Westporters who work quietly in the background, and 6 local artists who died this year.

Miggs Burroughs

You should go to the ceremony if for no other reason than to pay tribute to Miggs Burroughs.  For 4 decades, the 1963 Staples grad has shared his graphic design talents — often gratis — with countless area organizations.

The Westport town flag; Levitt Pavilion, Westport Historical Society, Westport Y, Project Return logos; every First Night button; t-shirts for local races — all are Miggs’ creations.

That’s in addition to his postage stamps, Time Magazine covers, lenticular images, cable TV show…  No wonder Miggs has earned the “Mollie Award,” named for the indefatigable arts advocate Mollie Donovan.

Mimi Levitt

Speaking of the Levitt Pavilion, Mimi Levitt will receive the “Champion of the Arts” award.  The Austrian native — who served as a translator at the Nuremberg war trials — was, with her husband, a major benefactor of the outdoor performing arts center when it was founded on the Saugatuck River in 1973.  She still serves on its governing committee.

The Arts Awards span all ages, from 90-year-old Mimi Levitt to a trio who are just beginning what will be spectacular careers.

Drew McKeon

“Horizon Awards” — to emerging artists under 32 — will be presented to drummer Drew McKeon (he’s toured with Hall & Oates and Jimmy Buffett, and played off-Broadway); filmmaker Nick Ordway (whose “God of Love” earned an Oscar for Best Live-Action Short), and dancer Katrina Gould (she’s performed with the Boston and Los Angeles Ballet companies).

Lifetime Achievement Awards will go to Naiad Einsel (art), Hans Wilhelm (literature), Millette Alexander (music), and Maureen Anderman and Frank Converse (theater/film).

Six names will be added to the Heritage Honor Roll.  Sculptor Stanley Bleifeld, violist Keith Conant, artist Tony Marino, architect Abe Rothenberg, author Max Wilk — and of course uber-volunteer Mollie Donovan — all passed away recently.

If you think the Westport Arts Awards are a dull, stand-up-and-give-a-speech affair:  think again.

These are creative people.  There are short videos, along with brief dance and music presentations.

And, of course, a reception afterward.

The Westport Arts Awards are Westport at its best.

Its artistic, musical, theatrical, literary — and very, very talented — best.

One response to “Honoring Our Arts

  1. Linda Gramatky Smith

    This is one of the most fascinating event each year in Westport. Makes one proud to be a Westporter with all these nice, creative, caring residents who have enriched our town! Lots of laughter, lots of awe and some tears. But I can’t imagine the day without Mollie Donovan there. That fact will bring tears.