Honor Among Thieves

You never know what’s inside a letter with no return address.  A complaint?  Something crazy from a former lover?  Anthrax?

The other day, the Westport Y got an anonymous letter.  It read:

To whom it may concern,

About 20 years ago I was a kid and a friend and I stole money from the lockers at your Y.

As kids it was a lot of money but as adults it is not that much.  $1-$5 here and there over a period of a few weeks.  One time we did take a $100 dollar bill.

I only feel it is right to give back what I had taken.  I am including a money order for what I feel is my portion of what was stolen from these innocent people just using the locker room at the local YMCA.

Feel free to utilize it in any was possible as I am sure you would not be able to personally give it back to any of the victims.

Thank you.

Surprised and grateful Y officials have earmarked the donation — a money order for $150 — for their annual “Strong Kids” campaign.

They may list the donor as “Anonymous Thief.”

The letter, and the check.

10 responses to “Honor Among Thieves

  1. Now conscience wakes despair
    That slumber’d,—wakes the bitter memory
    Of what he was, what is, and what must be

    (—Paradise Lost, or Possibly Somewhat Regained?)

  2. Very honorable of him. I might do the same. I wasn’t a perfect lad too.

  3. Also, it’s a good thing this didn’t get tossed away unopened.

  4. what was the name of that stationary store accross from Kliens with the huge candy section? Started with a “P”?

    Not that I ever stole anything from there just curious. Riiiiight

    • party barn? i used to spend my allowance on gummy peaches there. they had those great ‘06880’ t-shirts back when 90210 was really big 🙂

  5. The Dude Abides

    CSI Westport has tracked the rependent thief to the Greater Miami area under its built-in Hummer GPS tracker system. It is focused on a Cuban church off Collins Avenue where AA meetings are held. Sounds like a 12 stepper. There is a higher power . . . Sam Malone on the case.

  6. Longtime Westporter

    I thought the same thing, Dude! That’s the wonderful thing about the 12 Step programs: people want to make amends for things they have done that they aren’t proud of. This is a lovely story. Think of how many people have guilty consciences about something (uh, maybe ALL of us?) but never take steps to try to make them right.

  7. Where is the interest on that money? I bet this person would owe at least $300 if adjusted for inflation 😉

  8. 9th step. I bet he has a great sponsor.

  9. My very first thought was 9th step, too. Look how many of us there are!