Credit Cablevision

They’re not really announcing it — and it’s not automatic — but Cablevision is granting credit to customers who lost power during Hurricane Irene.

You have to call 203-847-6666, and provide “outage information.”  Cablevision will determine eligibility.

In other storm-related news, there’s a November 3 deadline to apply for grant and loan opportunities from FEMA and the Small Business Administration.  (NOTE:  The SBA provides low-interest rates on federal disaster loans to homeowners and renters, as well as businesses.)

For details, call 860-621-FEMA; click here, or text

6 responses to “Credit Cablevision

  1. I called, and Cablevision would not credit me: Even though cable was out, my power was out longer than my cable was, and I thus cannot prove I wasn’t getting cable (or when it came back on).

  2. Craig Babson-Smith

    Just wanted to let you know that Cablevision is claiming that they are not culpable for loss of service if you couldn’t get cable due to a power outage. I don’t understand paying for something if you can’t use it. I don’t believe in ripping others off and certainly don’t believe in being ripped off. Cablevision has historically had a bad reputation and it’s berhvior like this that has earned them their bad press and lack of respect.

  3. Your headline is both too generous, and based upon the responses I have heard from my clients and friends who have tried to get a refund, incorrect. Please amend it to read “Credit Cablevision NOT!”

  4. Wrong. No credit.

  5. Not true. I’d correct your article. Giving out bad infor. that makes people waste time = not good.

  6. You can get credit. You can t get credit for loss of power if they had no power to provide you cable as well. Think of the bigger picture and not about yourself. If your cable is/was not working after you received power then you have a valid claim and will be credited. Cablevision is the on company that have been dedicated to the local communitties for over 20 yrs. They are doing something right.