A Short Interview With Martin

Somehow, it’s fitting that my interview with Martin Short took place as he was being fitted for a wig.

Martin Short

The visual of the comedian talking about his upcoming performance in Westport was compelling.  But he chatted calmly, while wigmakers buzzed about preparing him for his new role in “How I Met Your Mother,” as Marshall Eriksen’s new boss.

Short will be here on Saturday, September 24.  The event is Homes With Hope‘s 4th annual “Stand Up” benefit.  Guests “stand up” for the services the organization provides to the homeless, at the same time being treated to great stand-up comedy.

It’s a formula that works, and one that Short likes.

He’s always wanted to help people — he was pre-med until he realized he liked the idea of being a doctor more than actually being one; then he switched to social work, before giving in to his inner actor.

This is not just a fly-in-and-fly-out appearance.  Short knows all about Homes With Hope.

“It’s an amazing organization,” he says.  “I love doing events like this.  People are in a good mood, and they commit to doing good things.”

There’s nothing funny about homelessness.  But Martin Short is a very funny man.  From “SCTV” and “Saturday Night Live” through “Three Amigos” and “Father of the Bride,” he’s entertained audiences for decades.

Now he’ll use his gift of laughter to help Westporters stand up against homelessness.

(Martin Short will perform at the Westport Country Playhouse.  Holders of $200 and $150 tickets enjoy a 7 p.m. plaza reception with cocktails, “short” ribs, “short” cake and more.  $75 tickets are also available.  The event includes a live auction.  For tickets and information, click here.)

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  1. Oh my … while being fitted for a wig! I am laughing so hard. That’s hilarious.

  2. How tall is Maritn Short?