Unspeakable Sadness

For the 2nd time in less than 3 weeks, Westport has been rocked by the death of a middle school girl.

Kate Reardon collapsed yesterday at Bedford Middle School, and died of an apparent brain aneurysm.

On August 17, Coleytown rising 7th grader Tess Meisel was killed in van accident in Maine.

Kate Reardon

A Facebook tribute page — R.I.P. Kate Reardon — is filled with tributes to the girl who performed in many Bedford shows.

Friends remembered Kate’s “big smile and gorgeous curly hair.”  They noted how she greeted everyone in the halls; how she brightened everyone’s day; how her energy radiated to those around her.

“You were always there when anyone needed a helping hand, or just a good laugh,” an older girl who knew her wrote.  “You could always put a smile on my face, especially with your awesome hugs!”

Just after noon today, some wrote:  “Can everyone please wear blue to school on Tuesday?  It was Kate’s favorite color and we all want to celebrate the memories that we had with her.”

Bedford will no doubt be filled with blue on Tuesday — the color, and the emotion.

Middle schoolers there and at Coleytown will begin the school year missing friends, classmates, lively girls with limitless futures whose lives were cut short far too early.

And for days to come, parents throughout town will hug their children a little more tightly, whenever they’re near.

24 responses to “Unspeakable Sadness

  1. Thankyou so much for writing this. Now i know to wear blue on tuesday. Although Kate and i weren’t BEST friends, we sure were good friends. I’m going to miss her so much.

  2. The title of the article says it all, “Unspeakable Sadness”. My heart goes out to the family and friends of the Reardons.

  3. Thank you, Dan.

  4. we will all miss her so much she was such a good friend

  5. Kate was such a good friend and person we will miss her so much. We were really good friend since 5th grade and I will miss her a lot.

  6. i sent in a video on rip kate on fb and every one sad she would forgive me she was sand always will be an amazing person, and all the comments on my video can make that a fact.

  7. Such sad news. My condolences to both the Reardon and Meisel families.

  8. i knew her from summer camp. she was amazing. she was the light who brightened up the annex. RIP, Kate. Miss you…………………. you didn’t deserve this so soon. We all have our hearts out to you

  9. rest in peace kate. too tragic and too soon. i love you so much. ill second this post and say thx for brightening up buck’s rock. xoxoxo ull never be forgotten.

  10. Mary Grace Roach

    I will wear blue on Tuesday. I am a friend of Kate’s Aunt and my heart breaks for the family. God bless Kate Reardon.

  11. R.I.P Kate your such a nice person and everyone who met you should miss, you always had a smile on your face, and made everyone around you happy!

  12. Kate, I love you. You were so fully of energy and so funny. I want your memory to be honored for so much longer than forever. Thanks for making Buck’s Rock a happier more magical place. I love you so much

  13. I was your neighbor kate. I never really knew you too well but I really did enjoy growing up next to you, but whenever I would see you, you always just looked so happy. Im going to miss that. Rest in peace

  14. The loss of beautiful Kate is truly a tragedy. I am a friend of Kate’s aunt and my heart is broken for Kate’s family. I pray that they can find strength during this time of great sorrow. I am so very sorry.

  15. Kate was always smiling at showed me new things everyday. She was such a daredevil and was a real fun person to be with. I will never forget you kate<3

  16. I miss her so much

  17. i was one of kates bunkmates at bucks rock. kate was that girl that could always bring a smile to everyones face. no one in the history of bucks rock hated her or even slightly disliked her. she was amazing. the last conversation i had with her was a fight and its been eating up at me ever since camp ended and the incident happened. she was my best friend and i was looking foward to bunking with her next year. even though shes gone im still going to suggest her for my bunk. Kate Reardon will forever live in Bucks Rock Girls Annex 1 Bunk 1!!! i love and miss her. goodbye kate i will never forget you no matter how old and crippled i get.

  18. I saw her around camp, and she was really nice to me. RIP.

  19. kate… i miss you so much

  20. Kate… I didn’t know her too well, but I knew her well enough to know that she was a great person, We went to camp together, and whenever I saw her, she had smile on her face. When I got to camp on the first day and didn’t know anyone, I noticed her, just because she was so bubbly and seemed so nice. I didn’t really start getting to know her until a week or two before I had to leave… but I miss her and wish I got to know her better. Rest in peace, Kate.

  21. a friend of a friend

    i did not know Kate on a personal level. but her best friend is my best friend. just hearing about her and listening to stories makes me connect to her. i feel like i know Kate even though I did not. Kate u sure will be missed.

  22. kate i love you so much and i miss you <3

  23. Rip Kate …… It’s been almost a year and I miss you so much!!! You where my neighbor – so I miss you everyday I come off the bus, every cold day when I used to stay in your car with you, and every time I go to cvs I think of all the times we went there, when we rode through the aisles on our scooters, everything. I used to ask you for advice, try to return the favor. I remember one time when we made a video of us dancing and such on your new camera. I wonder if your parents still have that video – but I don’t have the nerve to ask. I miss you.

  24. does anyone know what kates birthday was?