Ski Season

Westport has a long, close relationship with Vermont.  It’s a beautiful state, with a laid-back vibe so different from the rat race we’re used to here.

Vermont is a popular winter destination for Westporters.  So many folks have 2nd homes there, it’s easy to think that every skier at Killington, Okemo, Stratton etc. are flatlanders like us.

Plenty of Vermonters ski too, though.  The mountains are their backyard.  Though it sounds strange, among the many things Vermont needs in the wake of Hurricane Irene are skis and ski equipment.

A Westport woman with friends up north says a number of Vermont children are devastated at the loss of skis, boots and gear.  They’re expensive to begin with — and with everything else going on up there now, almost impossible to replace.

Her family is collecting skis and ski equipment, to make this winter a bit better for Vermont kids.  Donations can be dropped off at 29 Otter Trail (off Imperial Avenue).  The family will transport them to Vermont.

Sending skis to Vermont sounds like sending coals to Newcastle.  But right now– just like coal — skis, boots and poles can warm some hearts.

(For more information, email

Among the many casualties of Hurricane Irene: the Killington base lodge.

4 responses to “Ski Season

  1. The Ski Bears are doing a donation drive as well foe the Vermont devastated areas. We are primarily seeking water, nonperishable food, toiletries, paper goods, etc. Please see our websitie or facebook group pages for more information.

  2. Westporter4ever

    Wilmington, VT was hit hard too while I’m not collecting sporting equipment, my relatives in that town are trying to get the word out for equipment for the Fire Department…the guys have lost all their gear. If anyone know anyone who has extra or old equipment they would like to donate, please respond! We will pick it up and get it delivered!

  3. I own graze, a farm-to-front door delivery service that makes deliveries to people in Westport and Fairfield County every Monday. Our truck is virtually empty as it heads back up to Vermont and we’d be happy to try to help transport anything that is collected in this effort.

  4. Just keep in mind that this is not the time to unload ancient or unsafe ski equipment that’s been languishing in the basement. Disposing of unusable equipment will be a burden for those receiving it. Make sure it’s clean and meets safety standards. Others may have suggestions as to what to donate, as I’m not really qualified as a skier to address this – I’ve only had to deal with such unwanted donations of old sports equipment at tag sales.