Message From Michael

In the wake of the recent controversy involving Green Village Initiative and the Wakeman Town Farm, Mike Aitkenhead asked “06880” to pass these words along:

I would like to express how deeply moved my wife Carrie and I have been by the flood of support we have received from the community.  It has affected our lives in ways I cannot fully express in words.

Ironically, it has taught us the true meaning of what we first set out to create here at the Wakeman Town Farm:  community.

On behalf of my family, we thank you.

The Aitkenhead family

7 responses to “Message From Michael

  1. And take a message to Michael, message to Michael
    Tell him I miss him more each day
    As his train pulled out down the track
    Michael promised he’d soon be coming back
    Oh, tell him how my heart just breaks in two
    Since he jouneyed far
    And even though his dreams of fame fell through
    To me, he will always be a star.

  2. Two trains, two railroad tracks
    One going this way, the other one going that

    Rock On Michael And Carrie

  3. When I began teaching I refused to teach in a community where I couldn’t live. Many teachers and administrators lived in Westport back in the day. I still think teachers should follow that rule. If they don’t let you live in their community why would you teach their children?

    • A rather simplistic view, don’t you think? Many teachers can not afford to live in Westport. Many teachers in the inner city do not care to live in slums or high crime areas. A teacher is a teacher, not a culturiological mentor. And wouldn’t a Harlem resident enlighten his students as a teacher more so than their next door neighbor in Westport????

  4. We miss you Mike, Carrie, Ethan and baby girl Aitkenhead. Picked up my CSA share yesterday … i felt like i was walking into a morgue!