Follow-Up: Ev Boyle And Media Overload

Last week, “06880” profiled Ev Boyle — the 28-year-old Westporter who is in the midst of a 40-day internet fast.

The story caught they eye of a Connecticut Public Radio producer — and soon Ev was a guest on “Where We Live,” a statewide show.  Ev’s episode — which included “expert” opinion, and calls from listeners — explored whether we can really clear our minds and invigorate our lives in an age of media overload.

Of course, Hartford’s WNPR could not contact Ev via email or Facebook — they had to use the old-fashioned telephone.

And Ev can’t click on this link — like everyone else — to hear his interview.

He’s offline until August 18.

3 responses to “Follow-Up: Ev Boyle And Media Overload

  1. The Dude Abides

    Interesting interview segment. The central theme seemed to be whether or not we are being manipulated by our media communications??? Ev admitted to being on his “devices” from 3 to up to 9 hours a day until his self-imposed fast. This issue entails much more that than the “porn” aspect that caught fire on the original post. Makes you think and I guess that was your point, Professor. Thanks.

  2. If you want some great insights, check out this dude:
    As Michael Porter said years ago, “if it’s available to all, it’s an advantage to none.”

  3. The Dude Abides

    Whoa, deep. You should have told me I needed to “burn one” before listening.