Breaking News — No News On Aitkenhead-GVI Story

A GVI representative just phoned with this news:

Both sides in the GVI Wakeman Town Farm/Aitkenhead dispute met today.

It was, the spokesperson said, “a long, productive meeting with good exchanges.”

There was, however, no resolution.

The GVI rep added:  “Results will be forthcoming.  Everyone is hoping for a positive outcome.”

21 responses to “Breaking News — No News On Aitkenhead-GVI Story

  1. Who was there? Which sides did they represent?

  2. Chip Stephens


  3. The Dude Abides

    Spin. “Good exchanges?” Give the guy his job and house back.

  4. What’s the spokesperson’s name?

  5. Where’s Gordon?

  6. Amazing, the story just hit westportnow today! Where have they been? Dan’s been on this since last week! .maybe Dan should be the managing editor! he seems to always be on top of town stuff!

    • The Dude Abides

      I will say it again. is all fluff. 06880 is the real stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Looks like another $1 lease the town may come to regret. Why is a non-profit, private group making unilateral decisions with no transparency about the terms of a town employee living in a town owned house? In the WN post, it was suggested that town legal liability due to safety concerns at WTF was a potential issue in the dispute. If the town has legal liability for WTF, it is essential that decisions about the management of the property are made in the open and that they are made in accordance with current town policies. Workforce housing exists in Westport. The rules are already on the books. Let’s hope GVI is following them, since it appears the town is liable if they’re not.

  8. Peter Hannan

    I also was also curious as to the spokesperson’s name but laughed out loud when anonymous wanted to know. Isn’t that kind of a double standard or is just my off sense of humor!

    • The blog has it quirks but doesn’t have non-descriptive “good exchanges.” B.S. does not last long here. Scare as a hen’s teeth.

    • Spokespeople for organizations tend to have names. Citizens funding those organizations through their tax dollars are everywhere and include everyone.

  9. I have just deleted a post that was a personal attack on a GVI member. Please refrain from posting anonymous negative comments about anyone involved in this situation. THANKS.

    • The GVI plot thickens…

      I read todays Westport News article where unnamed sources / unidentified board members are commenting on this “situation,” but really saying nothing. Reminds me of incoming artillery… everyone dives under the table. 🙂

      Then I read the deleted post [i signed up for auto updates so I get “ponged”] before Dan hit DELETE. And I thought, “Finally, Anonymous is telling it like it is, or at least how Anonymous believes it is.” The candor was refreshing. Made everything that I’ve read come together as to what probably happened and why everybody is still under the table.

      I understand that in our current “Politically Correct” world, Anonymous could not identify himherself, and Dan had no choice but to DELETE the anonymous negative comments. But where is Archie Bunker when you really need him?

      Go Dan! Stick with this story… it’s got legs.

  10. It’s really a shame that after so many days, the public still has no idea what is going on. Backroom deals, whispered accusations, unattributed statements, and media outlets that either aren’t equipped to investigate the truth or aren’t inclined. It’s a sad statement on local government and local media.

    • all is well….sunsets and ducks….all is well…sunsets and ducks….

    • The Dude Abides

      I am not sure you can blame the Professor here on the “06880” blog for not barging into the back room negotiations or simply circulating rumors. This is not Washington where they have press conferences. Perhaps there is a reason they want to keep it hush, hush? And that goes for both sides of the controversy. The truth will soon come out in the wash. Chill at Compo and think about the kids in Afganistan for a change.

      • Hate Compo. Afghanistan has an “h.” I’ll worry about local travesties first.

  11. So file an FOI request. Get the GVI meeting minutes and post them. They will probably announce that this was handled under “executive session”, but they have to put that decision into the minutes. Or go knock on Gordon’s door – he hates controversy!