Nina Sankovitch On WNYC

Nearly 2 years ago, “06880” profiled Nina Sankovitch — the Westporter who responded to the death of her sister by reading a book a day for 365 days.

Nina Sankovitch in her purple chair. (Photo by Douglas Healey/New York Times)

Her next project was writing a book about it.  Tolstoy and the Purple Chair is a moving account of that year.  It’s a memoir about death and grieving — but also about living, and the kind of robust life books can provide.

This morning, Nina was interviewed on WNYC-FM’s Leonard Lopate Show.  She talked about her family’s support (she has 4 boys), and gave a shout-out to the Westport Public Library.

Referring to the memoirs, biographies, translations and independent press books she read — in addition to the novels and mysteries she’d always loved — Nina said:  “I visited stacks I didn’t even know were there.”

(To hear the complete interview, click here.)

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