A Message To OPEC

The owner of this all-electric Tesla Roadster snagged a great license plate:

I guess the letters “FU” were already taken.

31 responses to “A Message To OPEC

  1. The Dude Abides

    ahhh …. ha. Tesla was developed back in the 60’s I do learn. Very observant my dear Professor and yeah, f… you OPEC.

  2. Not being up on the newest in automobiles (because I’m one of the not-so-funemployed), I had to look up Testa Motors. Now I understand the license plate!

  3. Oooops, typo above – s/b Tesla Motors

    Instead of FU OPEC, could also read SEE YOU OPEC (as in BBFE)

  4. Since we get most of our oil from Mexico and Canada, perhaps it should read:

  5. Awesome. 🙂

  6. Big Deal….

    You still have to pay for the Electricity to charge an electric car and that is no bargain here in the great state of CT which has the highest electricity rates in the continental U.S.

  7. Richard Lawrence Stein

    Wrecker if it makes you any happier Mr. NoGas had to pay well over 100k to get his very cool toy… I mean that sincerely… He most likely can afford the gas or the electric… But it’s the principal… My only questions when you take out this very fast golf cart A) where do you put the bag and B) does it make the round go any faster… Great plate by the way!!

  8. Princeton '82

    He has played Aspetuck in 1:43 minutes for 18 holes. Cart path only.

    • It would have been 1:43, but he had to stop for 4 hours to charge up the $100,000 toxic waste dump.

      • No, he hooked one on twelve tee and his caddy, carrying his bag in a gas powered golf cart, got stuck in the mud.

  9. I like the car, wish I bought the stock last summer at the IPO, wouldn’t be caught dead in a Pious, really really like the Porsche 918 Spyder (hybrid), I am always in a good mood (just because I tell the truth and that offends some doesn’t mean I’m not happy, so don’t be a player hater), we (my family) went on some nice bike rides this weekend (even fiscal conservatives can go green), but for now I’ll drive my hydro carbon vehicles.
    Oh, and I wish we would say fu OPEC by drilling here and becoming energy independent. And while we’re fantasizing, lets stop burning up our food source by subsidizing ethanol which requires more energy than we get in return.

    • The Dude Abides

      Drill baby drill is like saying IBM Selectric IBM Selectric. Time to get off the fossils. We love you John.

      • When visitors see the IBM Selectric in my office, they often ask where I got it or can they buy it. Natural gas is in ample supply and cheap. While in Europe, I saw many more cars powered with natural gas than here. Or maybe we can ask the Brazilians to ship us some oil after they finish using our money to drill for oil.

        • Hush McCormick

          That is because no one knows how to type envelopes on the computer. Seriously, that is a why I have a relic too. Note in the Times Magazine on
          Sundy that predictions are that computers will be driving cars in the near future. “You ever been in the DMV and wondered why in the hell am I driving with these guys on the road???” was the comical rationale and computers will probably do a better job.

    • Lucky Robertson

      Where have all the fiscal conservatives gone?

  10. Dude,
    Don’t put gas in your car or SUV (whatever the case may be), don’t heat your house this winter with oil or natural gas (we have global warming, so that shouldn’t be much of an inconvenience for you even though we had record snow here and across the country), don’t buy or use any products that are made, transported or derived from fossil fuels.
    So until that magic bullet comes, I’ll live in comfort, what say you?
    I’m sure the Dude is a purist and wouldn’t dare be outed as a hypocrite for using a Selectric-Matic. Oh no, not the Dude! Please tell me it ain’t so?!
    How are thos solar panels on your roof working out for you? Does that wind mill on your front lawn generate enough energy to keep your electric typewriter going?
    Yeah, that’s what I thought…you go to the same filling station as me and have Connecticut Light and Power just like me. Turns out you live in Raho’s World Dude! Don’t feel bad, it’s a pretty damn good place to be!

  11. The Dude Abides

    No one said it was NOT convenient nor that I am NOT a product of my dwindling environment. My point was that an emphasis and invested dollars should be directed toward new forms of energy rather than age old fossils fuels. For once, we shouldn’t kick the can down the road. I got my own world, thank you, and I enjoy it. My concern is that it lasts.

    • We have more than enough fossil fuel right here in America to meet our energy needs for over 100 years; there is no need to tilt at windmills.

      • Hush McCormick

        It is a messy energy source. Ever been on a rig or visit a petrochemical plant? High pollution and nasty to work with. I would like to see more natural gas utilized but only because my lady has wells in Texas. You always argue that the free market will dictate usage. I got a feeling that solar,wind and alternatives will take over some day. What happens after the 100 years and how many wars are we in because of the damn black gold???

        • I do not know what will happen in 100 years, and from what I can tell, no one does. If the market picks any of those sources of enegy, I won’t argue, but from what I can see, natural gas is cheap and making inroads in other developed countries.

          • Hush McCormick

            To what extent are we using it here???

            • The fair guess is about 25%. Most new houses are using it for heating or air conditioning energy. The big drag is cars.

  12. Honda offers an NGV Civic (natural gas Vehicle) and the closest filling station is in Bridgeport, but if you have natural gas at home you can purchase a filling station for home filling for about 1500.00. also most fuel cells run on natural gas. these fuel cells convert natural gas and air to electricity, and while its not combustion it does produce heat non-stop. Gone surfing