3000’s A Crowd

The beach was pretty crowded today.

Hey, it’s the 4th of July!

One Westport woman was miffed.

“All I want is to sit on the beach!” she said.

So, apparently, did a lot of other people.

That’s what it’s there for:  Everyone.

PS:  “06880” has already waded into the Compo controversy over saving picnic tables and swaths of sand.

Today we saw the newest twist:

That’s right.  If you park your car diagonally — on the 2nd busiest day of the summer — you can make sure your later-arriving grilling friends don’t have to walk as far.

As far, that is, as the folks you’ve just screwed out of a perfectly good parking spot.

20 responses to “3000’s A Crowd

  1. Possessive compulsive behavior. Probably didn’t want to risk denting up that expensive Hyndai with the rims next to the $55,000 Lexus.

  2. Ric Jensen


  3. Must be getting ready for fast get-away in case there is a sale on at LL Farm Stand? Just follow the signs.

  4. Richard Lawrence Stein

    Let’s expose this tool through DMV records and have his sticker revoked….

  5. The Dude Abides

    We could also shoot him RLS. Being an ass is not against the law.

    • {Being an ass is not against the law.}
      Too Bad!

    • {Being an ass is not against the law.}
      That’s too bad!

    • Hmmm. Have you read “Three Felonies a Day” ? Maybe it is against the law.

      • The Dude Abides

        I am not sure Silvergate would go as far including being an ass as viable for being prosecuted by the federal government but perhaps. If you think of Martha and Helmsley, the selective prosectution was often times unwarranated. In my days of bank fraud referrals, the AUSA was certainly swayed by political if not economic bias in what cases he wished to purse criminally. Harvey is an interesting guy with some strong beliefs. I have not read the book but familiar with his writing. Tks for the heads up.

        • I first read his book ” The Shadow University”. He and Dershowitz do a real job on speech codes and other PC foolishness. It made my alma mater very unhappy.

  6. Gary Singer

    And the beat goes on. You’re correct, Dude, it’s not against the law. But it is selfish, oafish and typical of the relatively new Westport attitude, ” I got mine, so screw you.” ( political implication not intended).

    • Not so sure, Gary. Plenty of old timers who reserve their tables and park their classic cars diagonally. And not limited to Westport, for sure. We’ve become a sloppy, selfish society. And we enjoy our freedoms to excess.

  7. Having guarded on that beautiful beach so many summers ago and seen the same selfish practices in place forever, perhaps the WPD should hook-and-tow, as is done up and down the Atlantic shoreline. Please see Dewey Beach, DE where “overkill” is probably the practice.

  8. #25671245 Danbury Penn

    The fuzz aren’t the answer. Towing just breeds anger. It has to become culturiologically unacceptable. Four slashed tires, a cracked windshield and sugar in the gas tank ought to do the trick.

    • Yeah, the fuzz has gotten very afraid of them pompous “me-me” residents.

      • Grave digger

        Yeah hanging out at the back of Willowbrook Cemetery keeps them safe from the me-me litigation.