Who Knew?

It’s nice when non-profits ask local businesses for help, and merchants say “sure!”

It’s even nicer — spectacular, even — when a store owner sees a need, finds a solution, and offers aid without being asked.

That’s exactly what Lee Papageorge, owner of Oscar’s Deli, has done for Homes With Hope.

Several months ago, realizing that folks who use the Gillespie Center food pantry received non-perishable items — but not fresh food — he offered to include a coupon for a dozen fresh eggs, a gallon of milk, a loaf of bread or lettuce and tomatoes in every bag of food given out at the Gillespie Center.

Every bag!

For over 2 decades, hungry men and women have found sustenance at Westport’s food pantry.

Since January, they’re eating even more healthfully.

That’s community outreach — and spirit — at its quietest.  Its most efficient.  Its most generous.

And its best.

Three faces of Oscar's: a welcoming front patio; a mural honoring patrons; fine deli food. (Photo/Videler Photography)

5 responses to “Who Knew?

  1. Lee does a lot for the community… quietly, without any fanfare.
    And OSCAR’S is one of the last surviving icons of “the good old days.” 06880 should throw a bash there some day.

  2. Holly Wheeler

    Five gold stars for you, Lee.

  3. Wendy Batteau

    And let’s not forget about the green efforts (and award this past year.)

  4. Aww, I no longer feel guilty for spending 12 dollars on lunch here all the time! What a great place.

  5. this is good.