Tornado Tees

Some of the many victims of last week’s Memorial Day parade rainout live in Joplin, Missouri.

Longtime Westporter Steve Crowley — the founder of SCA Commercial Real Estate — was touched by our country’s many recent natural disasters, particularly the destruction by tornado of Joplin.

“As my son Luke and I watched the news and read the papers, there’s been just one thing after another.  It’s frightening,” Steve says.

“But everyone helped each other.  They got their picks and shovels, and went to work.  That’s great — but they still need lots of help.”

The logo on the t-shirt.

Steve asked noted graphic artist Miggs Burroughs to design a t-shirt.  Steve then paid for several hundred to be produced, and prepared to sell them during the parade.

He had a float, with plenty of kids helping out, all ready to go.  Whatever he raised he’d send to St. Joseph Hospital, and other Joplin places in need.

When the parade was canceled, Steve went to Plan B.  He set up a table on Main Street, and solicited passersby.

Sales were good.  One man handed Steve a $100 bill, saying, “Keep the change.”

Crossroads Hardware is selling the shirts too.

Steve still has plenty available.

“It’s nickels and dimes,” Steve says of the money he’s raising.  “But every little bit help.”

(To buy a shirt — or make a donation — call Steve or Hilary at 203-227-5050, or click here.)

3 responses to “Tornado Tees

  1. Lloyd Allen

    steve, bring some by

  2. The Dude Abides

    Very nice thought. I will buy some and give them out at the upcoming 45th reunion. Way to go Steve!!

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