Nice Parking Job

It’s bad enough that people who should use sidewalks — people with strollers, joggers with iPods oblivious to the world — take to the roads.

Now drivers are using the sidewalks as parking lots.

This scene — from the new barn being built on North Avenue, near Long Lots — is typical.

With an entire building site to park in, contractors choose this spot.

And we wonder where teenage drivers get their crazy ideas.

22 responses to “Nice Parking Job

  1. The Dude Abides

    This is really jacked up. Contractors park wherever they want except for the property where they are working. It is a danger to walkers, runners and bikers. Landscrapers are the worst. Westport Police are well aware of the problem but look the other way. Forget the signs, check out the sidewalks.

  2. Driven down Stony Brook Road lately? There are are three seperate construction sites on a hilly narrow road. The one I like the most is Bill Greene, the contractor closest to Old Hill Road, who literally has his crew parking IN THE ROAD at the crest of a blind hill.

    We’re lucky that there have been no accidents so far, but we’re pushing it for the people walking, jogging and driving there all day.

    What’s it gonna take to get the Westport Police to do their job and protect us from this growing hazzard?

  3. My understanding is that the WPD makes no money on moving traffic violations. Proceeds from tickets go to the state. But this is a no-brainer, get the Parking Enforcement guys out from their downtown havens and start giving citations to these violators.

  4. That’s all well and good until it is your house under construction. The contractor needs all that space on the property at times. How much is it going to cost you if the whole crew has to move their cars every time a piece of equipment is needed on site?
    I am sure you all have asked them to move their vehicles before making your anonymous calls to our police department. Even in Dan’s picture there is plenty of room for all the foot traffic on North Avenue. Thank goodness the WPD use common sense and understand every house will need work eventually. Oh, and the police do sometimes ask us to move if it’s unsafe.

  5. So your neighbors should bear the cost of your renovation; got it. Typically Westport.

    • You get a 4th? If not, gonna change it to 3. The buggers charge you now if a no-show.

  6. The Dude Abides

    That is not true. There is plenty of room on the North Avenue project construction site for those vehicles and if not, plenty of room at the St. Luke’s parking lot. It creates an unsafe walkway that is used by some (very few) Staples kids who walk home and many of us runners. I run there every day and one must go into traffic to avoid the trucks. Further, landscapers have room in the driveways of their jobs. They choose not to park there. Let the contractors meet at the turnpike connector and car pool to job sites. To talk about cost is moronic when they are not only threatening the safety of walkers but also parking on public property. Do your job WPD !!!

  7. I did notice that the contractors at the huge Greenberg project on Bayberry park very neatly along Cross Highway, very much out of the way of either traffic or runners/bikers. Take heed, builders. We will remember the conscientous developers when it comes time to sell or buy.

    • Richard Lawrence Stein

      Just an observation they parked on the property perimeter, but they also have no sidewalks so it really doesn’t count. I think bothsides have a valid position, but it ranks up there with Westport silliness.

      • The Dude Abides

        There are certainly sidewalks in the picture and they are parked on them. Hardly silly, Richard. And I thought you were a 13.1 person?

        • Richard Lawrence Stein

          Dude I was referring to Greenberg project on cross highway

  8. Princeton '82

    Cost ??? Wait until the homeowner and builder gets sued by the parents of a kid hit walking to avoid the autos. Pretty stupid comment.

  9. Right, who cares about the cost of paying those guys buy the hour. Typical Westport. It is nice of you all to invite everyone to park at St Luke’s. I bet they can’t wait. Just think of all the pedestrians in Westport over the last 5, 10, 50 years that have been struck due to workers parked along the road. I can’t think of one but keep making this more difficult for others.

  10. The Dude Abides

    Difficult for others? Are you from some other planet? It is dangerous and on public easement property and there are simple solutions. There have been 3 walkers killed on the Post Road by numb nuts drivers. You wanna take responsiblity for a lawsuit? Cuz my kids are gonna own that property, the builder’s and half of Westport if I get hit along that stretch.

  11. Arthur Champlin, Esq.

    I think I read here that 18% of Staples’ drivers admitted to almost having an auto accident while texting.

    Add a busy North Avenue, many bikers and walkers, you got the makings of a cluster%$#@ with construction vehicles on the sidewalk.

    I will take your case, Dude. On contingency.

  12. The fact that three people were killed is awful, but I don’t think parking on the side of the road had anything thing to do with those tragedies.

    • It may have a lot to do with the quality of drivers around town. They are on cell phones, texting and in a hurry. I am not sure why there is a great debate about this. Sidewalks are for walking, not parking because you can’t find anywhere else to park.

  13. The people I see driving around town while on their cell phones are not the ones parked at construction sites. Not alot of workers driving MB, BMW, and Lexus!

    • Huh? It is not the contractor’s driving ability that is in question. It is where they are parked allowing walkers/bikers/runner open season for your “MB, BMW, and Lexus” drivers who tend to always be in a hurry while being distracted by their toys. BTW, you might be surprised what contractor’s 2nd cars might be. Many are hardly on the bottom of the food chain.

  14. Builder is Ric Benson at 203-856-9792

  15. Miss Jackson

    Can the police even write a parking ticket there? I don’t think there are any signs in the area?

  16. Officer Grimpsky

    There are ordinances against parking on sidewalks. You don’t need a sign everywhere in order to facilitate a citation. Otherwise, people could park in the middle of the street.