It Never Rained On This Parade

When Monday’s Memorial Day parade was washed out, Terry and Laurie Brannigan, their kids and a few random others decided to form their own.

Wet but patriotic, they marched up and down the neighborhood — Blue Coat Lane, across from Bedford Middle School.

When the sun came out, they set up a lemonade stand on North Avenue.  Young TJ Brannigan pulled in $45 — which he promptly donated to veterans’ efforts.

The parade drew smiles from passing motorists.  The lemonade stand earned praise from all who stopped.

And the memories of this Memorial Day will no doubt last longer than those of any ol’ downtown parade.

2 responses to “It Never Rained On This Parade

  1. Richard Lawrence Stein

    Well done Terry and Laurie… I think you might of started a new possible trend that could really go some place.

  2. The Dude Abides

    Tasty lemonade too. Got me up that North Avenue hill and another ten miles on my bike. The spirit of ole town Westport: compassion with holiday fun. Nice.