What Nur Khan Wore

The New York Times Sunday Styles section includes a “What I Wore” column, chronicling what “interesting” people wore all week.  (Hey, they’ve got a lot of pages to fill.)

Nur Khan (Photo/Lee Clower for the New York Times)

Today’s subject is Nur Khan.  The Staples grad is described as “a trader on Wall Street for six years before joining the night life industry.  The man behind Wax, Sway, Rose Bar and the recently closed Don Hill’s, he’s now often found at Kenmare, his first restaurant venture.”

Dying to know what Nur wore on Thursday, May 12?  Well, Nur writes:

I was bouncing around the city.  First, a morning meeting in Midtown with a potential sponsor for a summer music series, another at noon looking into a hotel property, and then home to wait for the Time Warner repairman — always fun.

I had on my John Varvatos black jeans, gray Varvatos button-down with a white collar and a Costume National pinstripe vest that I had recut so the back lining is purple instead of the original gold.

Then (and here’s a lengthy roll call) all my accessories:  a raven skull necklace; raven skull silver bracelet with ruby eyes;  a feather pattern band; another bracelet comprised of multiple snakes with black diamonds running down their backs; and four assorted rings, including a skull with diamond eyes, mother-of-pearl inlay, topaz with diamonds and mother-of-pearl with blue topaz. Most of these are one-of-a-kind pieces I designed with Lazaro, a friend of mine since 1995.

Lastly, I had on my dark brown biker boots with a spiked leather strap across the front.  I popped into the Kenmare to meet with our chef and managers and stayed for a late dinner at 10.

And you thought you looked good!

If you’re dying to know what Nur wore on ensuing days — during informal meetings, a flight to LA, at home, in “meetings upon meetings,” at the restaurant, “with the weather in flux” — click here.

On the other hand, if you’d like to share what you wore during a typical week — driving kids to Little League, on the train, at the Duck, in the garden — click the “Comments” link.

I am sure current Westporters can give former neighbors like Nur Khan a run for his raven accessories.

3 responses to “What Nur Khan Wore

  1. Richard Lawrence Stein

    Hey Dan Nur is standing in front of his somewhat new venture Kenmare which he is partners with Paul Sevigny older brother of Chloë Sevigny both of Darien… So CT is well represented in the nightlife of NYC.

  2. Tornadoes, war, flooding and the rapture, yet the NYT is focusing on what this premiere d-bag is wearing. Fantastic!